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  • ya khinsider is fun ^_^, but only thing i find strange is that why do so many people don't like kh 2 and kh 358/2 days its just seem strange.

    ya, pokemon just has something about it that makes you wanna buy more of the games and watch the shows too, not to mention reading the manga as well ^_^.

    hey just got a mew for my pokemon heart gold game through a wifi event its really cool ^_^.
    lol ya its crazy, i usually bounce around a bunch of random threads cus i can never figure out which threads to go to first, its hard to choose cus all the threads are good lol ^_^

    ya, just hope they have even more generations of pokemon after the 5th generation, never want pokemon to end. pokemon yellow hopefully and also make it so you can go to all the regions ash went to, now that'd be a happy pokemon anniversary ^_^. also i wanna travel with ash's pikachu again ^_^.
    thats good, khinsider has so many things to do it hard to keep track of time lol ^_^. ya they even made a heartless like dark side into a even cooler boss to battle. lol this'll show other companies who make ds games to step up their games a little more lol.

    i know pokemon came to america in 1998 and look it at it now lol it went from kanto to johto to hoenn to sinnoh and finally to the fifth generation isshu region lol, in my opinion pokemon is getting better and better with each game they make and to me pokemon is one of the best games ever made.

    they actually sold guide books for pokemon games and still do. those really helped out, especially for gold, silver and crystal ^_^

    just hope after they make pokemon black and white they remake pokemon blue and yellow ^_^
    no need.

    you dont really need to level up for any that much just get the right abilities.

    no im talkin gbout the lingering sentiment in kh2fm now he was evil 0~0 he puts the MF to shame.
    you dont really need to level up you can beat the MF at level 55, i was at 57 with aqua when i beat him with her. the MF battle is more of hitting and running than anything.
    thats good there is always alot of things to do on khinsider ^_^. yea its gonna be awesome can't wait till january. ya and from what the japanese trailer showed every world is gonna have their own unique battle system and gameplay, square enix out did themselves this time ^_^. yup pokemon black and white are gonna be really fun to play, yay the 5th generation pokemon are almost here

    that'll happen in a pokemon game sometimes, lol specially in some pokemon games where your asked to do something on it but right when you save turn off the game for a while and do something else then come back to it later on and you can't remember what your supposed to do so you ask the person on the game again and he/she says something different and won't tell you what your supposed to do again lol that was always a pain, but now you have the internet, when it comes to pokemon the internet is your friend ^_^
    yeah that happens alot XD

    i did?

    me to the MF fight with terra would have been so much easier with a barrier.

    yeah. yo havent then that means you havent fought the LS, man he was evil 0~0 worse than the MF. the additional things are fun :D escpcially some of the abilities.
    only a few weeks, so how do you like khinsider so far? lol i know the game has even more stuff to do on it then kh bbs and 358/2 days combined and never really noticed until you mentioned that this kh game is coming out so soon, now i'm definitely can't wait. re: coded is gonna be the best ds game in 2011 ever (besides pokemon black and white) ^_^
    you mean terranort? i thought he was somewhat hard not that much just equip renewl guard/barrier get the once more, leaf bracer, and 2nd chance abilities and he's easy its all guard and counter.

    the best thing bout aqua is her barrier, it made the MF fight with her somewhat tolerable.

    have you ever played the final mix of kh2?
    oh yeah he's just tons of fun :mad: *glares at that hooded bast@rd)

    i think its more of nomura being disney and SE's b!tch than him likeing minigames.

    its really not the only time i had trouble with critical was with aqua only cause of her weak offense but after a bit of grinding it was fine.
    lol i had the same problem when i first join khinsider lol hey kh re: coded comes out january 11 2011 for NA and january 14 2011 for EU its gonna be awesome ^_^
    yeah i liked the old ones better to like the MX and ven in olympus (moved to badlands) and the one scene with terra and maleficent and there evil lol grins.

    i know disney town was a waste of umd space! :mad: nomura could have easily put the rumble racing soley in the mirage arena.

    well everyone only meet TAV for like what 10min? plus outside yensid and mickey no1 knew they all had bad endings.
    its not really that impressive critical was actually easier than they sya it is :/ the real challenge is trying to do a lvl 1 playthru (which i cant XD)
    you should play critical its the same as proud but the enemies are stronger (or your weaker cant remember) and you get half the hp.
    yes after much cursing and retying i finally beat that hooded jerk DX it was aweful hes just evil man he has several attacks from everyon D:

    yep, beat the vanitas remnant and the MF will appear when you go to LoD.
    i know i suck at it T^T i also hate that fruitball minigame, i would have been perfectly happy with just the rumble racing and command board in the arena and not having the disney town world.

    no i finished the game on critical i was trying to get 100% occupy myself but after a few ice cream beat retrys i gave up on the 100% XD
    the hardest part (aside from the stupid minigame) was beating the MF on critical with terra D:

    no they were moved, like the one on DI was moved to the keyblade graveyard when ven asks for them to put and end to him.
    the only two i can think of that werent used was the one with terra and maleficent grinly all evily and the one scene with full sized ven in cinderellas world aside from them the rest was rearranged/moved.
    i did ventus, terra, aqua. and every time i replay i usally play as terra or aqua vens fun but i like playing the other two more.

    ivee beat everything: the two bosses, the arena, story.
    the only thing keeping me from 100% report/archive is the master scores on that damn ice cream beat minigame :mad: i hate that game...

    here this will help with the vanitas remnant, YouTube - KH: BBS - Vanitas has stupid A.I make sure to run around the rock as he does til he gets stuck.
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