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  • As I said in the order ranks thread, I'd like to do this with templates. Post yours soon please.
    Protip: When typing a less-than-25-character message, put lots of spaces between words and it will send as 25 characters.

    anyway, gah, no time to talk right now, bye
    I don't remember much about it tbh. Just give me a refresher of how it went down and the people we used and such and sure. i'm down
    I wasn't necessarily thinking of it as an extremely regular sort of thing, but more as a means and an official incentive of sorts for people to try battling with extreme flair. Or even have a prefix added which basically indicates 'Come here, awesome shit will happen'.
    It was hard for me, because my character, this one in particular doesn't know the amount as me masquerading him. In a sense, I feel extremely limited because apart from all of my other character's they're broken in and have undergone hell and back. Going off the limited knowledge, experience, etc of Gabriel, he's prone to his youth and naive nature.

    What I know and what he knows, there is an omniverse difference in what could be done and what wasn't just because. Another reason why accepting defeat wasn't difficult, because it was well on its way.
    I don't have any questions, but I do know there is a way out following the guidelines you've laid out.
    Updated on our battle. I added a couple paragraphs to better portray the location. This seems to be as much as my brain will allow for this post, but my next posts should be much better.
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