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    Yeah, I know what your mean. Only 4 more months to go....
    noting much bought magna carta 2 yesterday and i can't stop playing as it.
    what about you
    ahaha i see, you got lucky xD
    im ok but a little sleepy =.=

    hows the post coming?
    Dude I know what you mean! But I would rather it be to hot. I like the Summer way more then I like the Winter. :)
    you would be using ninja stars like yuffie
    My sister is 2 and half years older. We don't hate each other either but we can fight a lot. :tongue:
    Wow. Good answer! So how are you liking the cold weather?
    Yeah, its harder then you think to do a english voice over Japanese lip speach.
    I mean I actually don't know if that is the case. I hear everybody saying it but I don't know if its true. But if it is then it does bother me. Hmmm I wonder why Ven looks like Roxas?
    you can control wind...whats your weapons? (i'm entering on the organization character :tongue:)
    oh sorry about that, i didn't understood...thanks for saying that, i'm going to edit that right now
    Not a whole lot. But I have to get off because my sister wants on. Sisters can be annoying. :angry: xD Well talk to ya later.
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