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  • Rob, we should stop this only messaging each other back every couple months thing haha.
    Um, so I just realized I had never responded to your previous message (sorry about that), so I'll hit that first.

    Yeah, for a while there I had been playing MGS Peace Walker online on my PS3, but once I finished that up I moved on to MGSV Ground Zeroes on the PS4. I really am excited for you to get a PS4 so we can play a bunch of games online together again. I think I told you that LatinoHeat and I have mainly been playing Final Fantasy XIV and The Last of Us online on the PS4, and with MGSV The Phantom Pain around the corner that's another one we may hit. I also play Dragonball Xenoverse, I think it's great! I just wish we could play it together since I grabbed it one PS4 :/ (basically just been grabbing my games for that when I can, because why not). But we've also been planning on getting into Minecraft on PS4 since we loved it on PS3, so if you're interested it'd be great to have you on there as well! Pretty much anything we play online, feel free to jump in with us if it catches your fancy my friend!

    Also, Radiata Stories is PHENOMENAL!!!! I love that game to no end, I feel like nobody appreciates it like I do! I've been through so many new game pluses it isn't even funny, and I have gotten every friend, beat all the extra bosses, yet I still feel inclined to go back and do it all over again every once in a while. I'd kill for an HD remaster of that! I actually have a pretty crazy story involving that game as well.
    Haha yeah man, I've been playing it every night for the past few weeks, but I haven't seen you online in forever.
    Hohoho, why thank you :3
    The picture is just promotion for the second game, but I played with the colors a bit.
    The second game scares the beejeezus outta me.
    Sora and Goofy are pretty epic Aren't they and Manga makes everything so cute :) Do you read any manga books:)
    Gah, I'm sorry man, the 2nd is quickly approaching and we are running short on time to play! But it's okay, winter break is almost here, and then we can definitely play! I'm sitting here trying to finish Re:CoM as fast as I can (as you can see) so that I can play 2.5 when it gets here! Since mine was ordered on that competition, it may not arrive until the 8th according to amazon, so while that kind of sucks, it also gives me a little more time to wrap up my 1.5 trophies.

    Yeah, those bosses will be a pain, especially with Aqua (I'm terrible with Aqua!)
    Oh thank the lord! If they aren't as bad then maybe I won't slowly tear away at my face in frustration! I still have nightmares of the Atlantica route...
    Dude, we do need to play again soon. I was online playing a bit the other day, we need to get the team back together.

    And yeah, the only 2.5 trophies I'm really dreading are completing EVERY journal on BBS, and doing all of the gummi routes on 2FM. Hopefully the gummi's won't be so bad this time around
    Yeah, I heard about the lack of checkpoints. That sounds like it's going to make me mad, but it's good to know that stealth is possible. In the final area, just before you kill the doctors, on Survivor I had three smoke bombs, and I just threw them down the stretch and sprinted through the smoke to the endgame. I got hit a couple times, but it was actually pretty effective. I also hear complaints about that part with David though. Lots. Of. Complaints.

    I haven't had time to play CoM in a while (or be super active on KHI at that), but I did get to play through the story mode of Persona 4 Ultimax. That was fun. As tempting as it is to try and grab more of those trophies, I need to turn my attention back to CoM to make sure it actually gets finished. Did you take a look at the 2.5 trophy lists yet?
    That is a problem I have had in the past yes haha. Can't tell ya how many times I teleported off the stage as shiek in melee... o the memories...
    Charizard hits HARD! I found myself with my natural niche of speed characters like Zero Suit and Shiek. Greninja is pretty sweet too!
    It depends, really. Hes all about being faster and then popping up next to you and grilling you. He doesnt need to dodge as much because he moves so fast. But he gets sent flying easier.
    He's good for people who like smash attacks more than specials and attacking from above. Like a Yoshi Greninja hybrid :D

    What about you? Why do you do well with a particular character?
    Had him and then lost him. Closest I got was me as Sonic vs him as Shulk (no small feat!) and me as Link vs him as Ganon. And from one of Sdog's earlier posts...you know how THAT went XD
    If we play against CD-Mann, don't expect anything greater than second. I got him on the ropes maybe...3 times. In 3hrs.
    O why of course! I look forward to it! Who would you say your best? Of course not so I can learn all their weaknesses or anything...
    Probably! It took me quite some time to get good last night. Near the end I actually started getting 2nd place instead of 3rd or 4th! I was so proud T_T
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