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  • You with your ninja's wind stars and me with one of my circles with your weapon we were unbeateble...its bad that kingdom hearts can't happen in real life, if it could i would like to participate a lot
    Lol. Well we have two houses. Thats about it... I was originally from NY and then we moved to LA. I liked LA but I missed home. So since we still kept our other house I get to go back and forth. But I wished that worked with a place like Hawaii.lol
    ahahaha i see XD
    well what type of name would you like?
    a normal person's name or something random?
    ahahahahaha i see XD
    I'm not sure i'll be able to, i think only mods can change it
    lolz yeah XD
    but if you get hated or target by mods then changing names always helps :D
    I beat it just need to finish a couple of challenges and unlock sora of course.
    yeah XD
    well Yuuki is my favorite japanese name and since i like it why not change it. :D
    Well I go to my school's Japanese Culture Club and I play lots more video games. Like Smackdown vs. Raw series, Dragonball Z series, Star Ocean, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and others like that. Oh and I have and play a bit of FIFA 2009. xD
    Do you mean do I have a lot of friends to talk to? Then yes but KHI is pretty much what I do in all my free time.(Sorry if i'm a little slow here. xD)
    Yup. But I swich from Pacific to Atlantic every 6 months from LA to NY
    No not really. xD I played some in middle school(football) but I stopped. Didn't want to anymore.
    Not even close. xD ha ha. Well my sister's name is Brittany so our sisters names start with B. :p And mine is Robbie so...yeah.
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