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    Yikes! That sounds so cool! What was the story line for Final mix?
    Wow... I played all of those exept Final mix... How did you get that?? Oh and what did you think of 358/2 days?
    oh yeah we should XD
    well you might since people will report you to a mod and might get you ban but im not sure.
    its not a good idea because that would be spamming on topic which will get you banned.
    wow they already started playing >.<
    the only thing that suckz is that sometimes people forgot or dont come post in the game so the game gets slow >.>
    well its a simple stupid game you need to post a number

    i post: 1 heartless
    you post: 2 heartless
    i post: 3 heartless
    you post: 4 heartless

    you keep doing that until we hit 10000 heartless.....

    its a stupid game but gets you alot of post
    yeah i dont like RP either >.>
    well i use to play 10000 heartless but it seems the game is over...
    indeed >.<
    and you wont be getting many posts for a while since school started everything has been slow.

    if you want to get alot of post then you should either get into RP or play a game.
    best easy way to get alot of post fast
    ahahahahaha wow XD
    I'm ok just bored like hell, theres nothing to do >.< the forum is slow and theres no one online well most of the time.
    everything is slow =.=
    It's pretty cool! So wich of the KH series have you played?
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