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    Dual wielding Riku?

    Re: dual wielding Riku??????? Who says Roxas has a heart?
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    Young Master Xehanort theory

    How I miss theories! XD Every form of Xehanort has had immense power. The strongest so far has been Master Xehanort. Sora and co. has also been exposed to Kingdom Hearts and its door. Kingdom Hearts is all hearts. So yes it is the heart of all worlds. I wouldn't say its where all lost hearts...
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    Goodwill and Malice

    - To Nayru's Love I agree except your interpretation of "Dreams" I have my own idea: "Manifestation of past, present, or future events being it, fiction or non fiction" But I liked the idea there's no real proof for me to deny it. :)
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) Theories

    Yea but it will definitely have that switching action going on.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) Theories

    Normura actually did say something about a change in costume in the Famitsu Interview
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    Birth by Sleep MF Fight Music - "Dark Impetus"

    Yeah, I suppose although his structure, height, and weapons are similar to Xemnas.
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    I Understand KH3D

    Doesn't matter what it feels like being it an hour, a day or a year. Normal time still applies feelings has nothing to do with it. This week "feels" like it is going slow but in reality its just a normal day. Overused. Then what's the point.
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    Birth by Sleep MF Fight Music - "Dark Impetus"

    Not to sure but while playing Birth by Sleep. You see a guy on Destiny Island. He looks like Xehanort and then it seems time passes by . Now he is wearing the organization coat. Possibly the mysterious figure is Xehanort.
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    KH 3D Theory/Ideas

    And I can agree with that. Could be but he wouldn't have a clue to who was "sleep". He did lose his memories. I think he sat in the Room of Repose to gain his lost memories. Ditto.
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    KH 3D Theory/Ideas

    I would like to try. Yep previously. This would greatly explain why it was raining Soras. Possibly, Maybe. Well I personally think the Drop and Distance has to do with the gameplay. :)
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    KH 3D Theory/Ideas

    I can agree with it possibly being a part of Yen Sid testing them for the mark of mastery. XD
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    KH 3D Theory/Ideas

    Yep doubt that implies here but i'll look into it.
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    Shouldn't there have been a Data Maleficent?

    I don't think there should've been a data maleficent and the actual maleficent together. Just like their wasn't a data Mickey, Donald, or Goofy. But that's just me. XP
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    KH 3D Theory/Ideas

    Here's my thoughts. Kingdom Hearts 3D, Dream Drop and Distance. It has to be connected with the previous games in some shape, way, or form, right? So i've come up with this. KHDays Room of Waking and Room of Repose KHBBS Room of Waking(Land of Departure aka Castle Oblivion) KHRecoded(We must...
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    Dream Drop Distance's Development stage?

    I'm thinking sometimes next year. No telling when the North American release will be.