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  • If it ain't ova, why you still frontin' nigga? You ain't got nothing else but yo cheap ass words. Words cheaper den yo muddafukkin mama. You go Rambo? I'll go fuckin Master Chief in this bitch nigga watch yo muddafukkin mouf
    haha yeah I just saw there's an arrange button which organize files and stuff. Not to mention there's better viewing options than windows.

    I don't even want to go back lol.
    Terminigga? Well we da Termabigganiggaz dat terminate a nigga that even start to look atcha
    So step back before we set the axe to hack ya into stacks of limbs smaller than your urinal tract
    Cause if you don't these southern bullets are bound to skim your lacking brain
    you'll be lay-ing with Him.
    And where we ride and from is for us to know and you to hope to never have to find out, cause if you do
    It's all south, downhill for you and your boys
    6 feet down mothafcuka, that's lights out
    Wanna be hardcore Compton ass, I doubt you could even pop a nigga in his crown, so sit down
    This is my town asshole, I'm Stone Cold with an onyx fist to send a steady blow to your glass jaw
    Leave you stillborn, absent of the ability to even be cryin' cause you just a fool foal
    Tryin' ta be racin' an illustrious steed
    A nigga well versed in his dirty deeds, so please
    Step off bitch, you think that you big shit but you only come up to the trough my knees
    So this is it, this is your last warning
    Call off your boys or else these slugs are gon' Kick into ya lungs and reStrict even yo freedom to breathe.
    ight cool

    nope haven't discovered it yet lol I'll check it out though. I hear a lot of people hate organization on macs.
    Hey you think you can get me that trail version of CS4? I can't find my CD anywhere :c
    hmm well I don't think I'll use itunes much but I'll keep that in mind
    yup flash is finally working now, guess I just had to restart it >.> (even though it told me to just restart safari lol)

    now it's time to start getting some work done >:D
    Nah I read somewhere that the new apples are shipping without flash now for some reason

    well I already have CS4. My mom converted my previous CS4 to mac and for some reason it still worked on my pc. Now that I have a mac I'm just going to get my CS4 back lol
    Oh man it's great. Everything about it is amazing. Logged on today and almost didn't notice that the computer logged me on, it was so fast.

    Only problem I'm having is downloading flash. I 'installed' it about 4 times already and it still isn't working :\

    EDIT: CS5?
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