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  • The cheap living isn't enough for me to want to stick around. I've had a hard time growing up in Calgary. I just love the people in BC, they're so much. Nicer and welcoming. You know?
    Is it wrong that I don't remember writing that last comment? lol. But it's good that you finally admit that. And that depends. What did you have in mind?
    past usernames have included: sunofdiamonds, du soleil, sol, soluus, shigubaru, scubasol, lucius malfoy, jeremy clifford-howell and er some more i can't remember
    I was wondering if you could delete all the messages made by AxelRikuRoxas on my profile. I tried doing it and thought they'd disappear, but instead they stayed. If you can't do it, I won't mind, but it'll still be appreciated.
    I finally got around to listening to that acoustic album <3 oh god, Max's voice is so much more complimented with acoustics.
    Yes it would be! And, I need to listen to this live acoustic album ;3; where can I find it? And yes I have <3 I have those and Junior Varsity and their For Sale EP, and even Florida Songs demo. My favorite song by them is probably A Walk Through Hell <3 I love that song so much, especially the beginning. Also Slumming it with Johnny, and I am a Translyvanian. So a lot of my favorite songs come from those earlier albums.
    It really is. I'm glad to hear his life isn't so dark anymore, and that his newer songs are going to reflect that. Most of the more darker/angsty songs from In Defense of a Genre are my least favorites.
    Indeed I do! Thanks for that! That was great. And his wife is wonderful <3
    Digital effin gopher the guy who let me win the hardest 120$ of my life because he went to walk his dog, lol thanks, your name brought back memories.
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