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    Old one with no feedback

    Made this one a while ago but couldn't get feed back Critique me
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    Kazuma's Cool Ticket Shop

    Kazuma's back for request as promised I'm dumping some PSD's and taking request. Just post what you want for me in the following format Colors Light or Dark Saturation Text Effects I'm down with making a shop with more artist to who ever wants to join My work Dumped PSD Throne...
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    Music ► Breakbot

    Anyone listen to them? They sample and mix old disco and R&B and put a electronic twist on it. They have that new Daft Punk ( Random Access Memories) sound imo yBP_Re9r9MI
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    Blast from the past ninja

    Its a new year so I'm doing things diffrent. Its been three years. I like the new look. I wanna get back into the art game. Besides me wanting a career as a geneticist, I want to art on the side for my own pleasure. Just took me while to realize its what I really love doing besides science...
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    Mother Earth

    link to larger view of the digi paint. http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6030/5972939276_86a0c2cec1_b.jpg I'm having trouble with the hands :/
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    Rhapsody Horizons[LP and Digi Paint]

    Its seen a long ass time like 5 months since I made something. But I've been inspired lately and got off my ass. To me I can't believe I digi painted the face, I used be strait horrible at it but took time and practice to get the way I wanted. With digi paint I don't know what to do with the...
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    Blackest Beauty

    Its been a while since I seriously made a piece( 2 months), its not my best but I hope start doing better again, and make pieces more regularly now.
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    Photon Bullet Wounds

    New piece new style,inspiration. The funny thing is it was unplanned,and I didn't even make a thumb nail of it before making it. Which was the first time in almost year I just "went along". Anyway had a lot of fun with it. And it was also inspired by this song by Santana Sr7z-ikOSR4 Anyway cnc.
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    I tried some darker colors this time around. cnc
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    Pleasuring Chords: A Jaxx pressie

    Well it been what? Four months since I made anything. Anyway I had fun with it and tried some new things. Worked on it off and on for a while. I've been itching to use this stock for the longest. Hope you like it Jaxx Oh and I'm happy to say................................ Cnc :D
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    DirectTV dumps G4

    DirecTV Unplugs Video Game Channel G4 All I have to say is that its a long time coming. Maybe if they aired shows like their Canadian G4 it wouldn't be in so deep shit. The only thing they had was E3 coverage and thats it.
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    Just a drawing I made a while ago,
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    Hip'Notic Ocean Crush

    Well its been 2 months since I made any LP seriously. I made one weeks back but it turned to doggy doo doo. I decided to depart from what I was trying to force doing and did what loved doing.Any who whats up DM, glad to be back and kicking from the graphic hiatus graveyard.Not sure it looks too...
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    Great games with crap mini games thrown in

    What games do you love, but have the most screwed up mini games? I'm taking about the mini games not only completely redirecting game mechanics , but have terrible controls. Dead Space the firetrucking asteroids, FFX the damn chocobo bird/ balloon dodging,stupid foot race in FFXII. I like when...
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    Curves Ahead

    Just made this today, I was going to do a lava lamp like effect to the stock with the vectors on it, but it looked horrid so I decided not to.