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  • Nothing, should study but blah. Listening to Hans Zimmer's works on Youtube. How are you doing?
    I'd take that any day and twice on Sundays over the 7 hour entrance exam that I have tomorrow. :d But yeah, see ya!
    lol, I know.
    Kickboxing, really? :d I do fitness boxing~ I don't know who he is but I guess that's pretty cool. :D
    I'm a spoiled brat and usually don't need to work for my money. :d jk Nah, my work is actually quite fun. I'm a tourist guide, lol, no kidding. I get to be with people but it's just ... I just have to get my ass to work and then I like it but if I'm like home and thinking about going to work, UGH.
    Didn't dare to respond on the thread as it's a bit off-topic then. :d But yeah, I'll go to work in December. Booooriiiing. I hate working but gotta earn some pocket money.
    The Roleplay owner normally makes a post stating that the Roleplay has started, if not just scan the roleplaying sections for the thread.

    When the characters are in a different position do what you think must be done. I'll give you an example.

    1.Dale ran as fast as humanly possible through the streets of Tophiaz, his lungs heaved and he had started to sweat. His destination was only a few minutes away, the hideout he and his friends made a month ago.
    His legs were beginning to tire and he slowed into a steady jog. His friend Jack would be meeting him there, hopefully on time this time.

    Eventually Dale arrived at his destination, a dark alleyway with one large dumpster. He wandered up to the dumpster and placed both hands on it, with a grunt he pushed it and it moved away on the wheels attatched to it.
    "And Jack said we didn't need wheels on the dumpster." He mumbled. Behind the large dumpster was a clean metal door. Dale simply opened the door and entered a room with a large couch, television and game console, but not Jack.
    Late again, He thought.

    2.Jack was late again.
    He slung his back-pack around his right shoulder and left his home, waving his goodbyes to his mother and father before he ran off.
    Luckily for him he wasn't too far away from the hideout, it would only be a minutes run and he still had an advantage over that amount of time, his champion-like speed.
    He ran across a road, jumped over a trash can and was chased by a dog. Within ten seconds he had outrun the fat dog, within another twenty seconds he arrived at the hideout.
    The dumpster ad been moved and the door was in plain site, so Jack did the most common thing to do in this situation. Open the door.
    He entered the hideout and called out: "I'm here Dale!"
    Killing somebody in a Battle without giving them a chance is cheating, pretty much. That and making them do something that they didn't include in a post
    Lancelot swung his axe at the Knight, Ronald. Too his dismay Ronald raised his shield in time to block his attack and then went for a stab which Lancelot dodged with a side-step etc.

    It's all about getting your challenger in a situation that they can't prevent themself from being killed.
    Okay, I'll tell you.

    Roleplaying is as simple as writing a story, just with other people with you through the adventure. You take turns in your posts and eventually you all start working together for a goal, with the exception of the Villians trying to stop you of course.

    Controlling your character through text is as easy as writing:
    "Bob looked at his watch and noticed that he was late for work.
    Damm, he thought, Mr. Hutchenson isn't going to like me showing up to work late again."
    It's as easy as that really, all you have to do is write what your character(s) do in your turn, adding detail of course.

    Interacting with another Roleplayers character is easy, I'll show you through an example.

    1.Henry unsheathed his sword and held it tightly in his right hand as he and his brother, Collin, prepared to enter the sinister castle of the Witch, Tsmarnia.
    "I'll go in first." Said Henry. Henry knew that Collin was not as confident in his fighting abilities as Himself.
    With his left hand Henry pushed open the old wooden door that was the entrance to the Castle, then he entered.

    2. Collin watched his brother unsheathe his sword.
    "I'll go in first." His brother, Henry, told him. Collin nodded and unsheathed his own sword, thankful that he didn't have to enter the castle of the Witch, Tsmarnia.
    Collin watched Henry enter the castle, then he followed cautiously.

    It's as simple as that, just read what other people have posted, then act accordingly
    Did you see my reply in the MA? I'd advise you to look over the OP again because it seems you failed to check the current roster to see who has been claimed. Unmasked Vanitas has been claimed by destinykh. Choose someone else.
    The pleasure's all mine n.n

    Sorry if something turns out to be wrong in my summary, as I said, I'm not really part of the story crew so I just know the very basics but this should give you a certain image of our story right :)
    KHI game project story:

    Lucius, a keyblade master of light, once fought his own brother, Orpheus, in a long and dreadful battle. Lucius lost all of his pupils in that fight and one of his pupils, Animus, betrayed him and joined the side of Orpheus and his pupils. Lucius lost it and used a very powerful light move to extinguish Orpheus and his gang. Orpheus and Animus survived though and escaped.

    Orpheus is now resting/recovering in the world of darkness. Although it was a very devastating attack, Lucius survived his own attack but because of the battle, he became blind.

    Skip some years and we find ourselves with 4 main characters (who we call the fab 4 in the threads). Raine, Linnea, Brand and Ciel (you can find their homeworld stories in the first post of the music thread and the gameplay thread). Through a number of unique circumstances, they all end up in a place called Legacy City. This is the city where Lucius resides now. Legacy City is kind of the safe haven for all worlds.

    He takes them as his pupils and sends them off to a number of worlds to establish bridges between the worlds and Legacy City.

    Later on though the fab four come to the conclusion that Lucius is planning to extinguish every bit of darkness in the universe and create a universe only consisting with light. The fab four have to stop him before it's too late.

    There are also new enemies called Sacrifices, who are monsters created by Lucius. They were once ordinary people but Lucius overflowed their hearts with light, transforming them into Sacrifices.

    The Horned King will also be one of the main villains in the game, you can compare his role with the role of Maleficent in KH1.

    This basically describes a short amount of the story we made up. Some things I said could be worng though since I don't really know that much about the story but I think this will help you a bit :)
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