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  • Its okay work and school and applying for college has gotten me busy also XD
    I'll try and get a post up these days. Damm work. I know we can still do this. I am not letting this die. XD
    Yes, get caught up and post, cause posting is good yes >:3 lol and yeah but school has been fun so far :) haha I don't want to do that until I'm older :p

    I do that with homework and stuff cause it helps me for some reason. but yeah me too when I write and stuff.
    JOLTEON, and haha no you aren't! Oooooooh yeah working is hard, its like school, but its a job o_o and haha you haven't missed that much, things have been slow enough, and it won't take that long to read them :3

    thanks! :D I liked how theres headphones, cause I always do that when I'm drawing is like listen to music to inspire me :p
    I rock sheeps socks off :3 and haha I like being evil characters sometimes, and now you need to post too!!!

    and school is great :D ttyl!
    Oh I haven't gotten to read the posts yet my bad XP But I'll be sure to post as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know.
    Edit: In fact I'll work on it now
    Oh I gothca man. Yeah I want us to move around also. Shenmor is great and all, but moving places are even better XD.
    I already am lucky to live in Montana (ITS REALLY PRETTY) but omg in one month, I will be in Cali for a week =w=

    I will by the end of today :3 I have nothing else to do lol

    yeah I do, but I can't use it because my laptop that has it is not connecting to the wifi I have anymore :/ so idk when I'll get to use it next, do you?
    I'm flattered you think of me so, but I've still got a long way to go before I become legendary. ^^;

    Glad to RP with ya again. <3

    and I didn't, I know you were just joking, and oooooooooooooooooh I don't think of that when I think of Cali, I think of Disneyland, Movies, and the california girls song (to my own disliking) xP
    I'm not good with those things lol an yurrrp :3

    Well what state do you live in? Since you enjoy making fun of the not well known states xD
    I have something in mind for that. And dammit Jolt you did IT XD
    . Oh man that was freaking awesome. The action was just epicness.
    Lol it wasn't? and haha yeah I changed it again cause it matches my new sig better lol :3

    and >:C YES. *glares* We have internet in Montana thank you very much for noticing! *claps hands and nods* Congratulations lol.
    I was just thinking about asking you a few questions about RPing. How long have you been doing it? How did you start out? And what kind of characters do you like to make?
    You seem like a pretty cool and interesting person to me, but if I'm just making you feel weirded out all of a sudden let me know.
    Hey Joltean it's me Gesso, we seen eachother around I'm sure. Just felt like saying hi and s'up.
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