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  • Haha I'm INVISIBLEEEEE and I live in Montana, cause I'm just so stately like that lol :p
    The way I interpret it is that, here on Earth, everyone tries to make everything plain, simple. Black and white, if you will. No middle ground where something is neither good nor evil. But, the way I see it is that, no matter what, just about everything here has a white and black side. It comes in shades of grey. From our own behaviors and actions to the things we make or act upon.

    Your point of view is pretty good as well. And it's nice to know that it got someone thinking. ^w^
    Ooh, that'd be fun. At any rate, I'm curious as to what your signature is of. My sis keeps staring at it. XD
    xDD Yeah, I've been trying to keep up since, but I'm good, thanks so much. <3
    I've been keeping up, thanks. ^^

    Gesso said he would post, so I'mma wait 'til then to post, just to avoid confusion.
    I know I wasn't lol, and I like to make things more interesting anyways :3 and I know, I need to finish it up by tomorrow so that I can post as her for you
    Haha probably not, but you never know lol, and yep it will, I intend it too :D

    well I heard it about it too and wiki'd it/found out what it was and watched it.
    Yeah she's gotten smarter since the last one lol

    and I'm not a huge Kairi fan, I just thought she was cool in Dead Fantasy :p
    Yeah I can tell that already too, but you'll se what she says in a little bit, I'm getting ready to post :D

    and of course you didn't!!!! It was fine!!

    hahaha probably, I lurked that thread alot xD
    No!!!!! I was just on vacation, and I couldn't answer you or anyone/post in the rp and stuff because I can't from my phone, even though I do have internet so all I did was check up on it, so YOU DISCOVERED MY SECRET.
    Its an old shotgun so it can barely use and by the looks of things dusk might use as a last resort. Its okay at least is not one of the modern ones
    Don't worry, I know a majority of the rules about rp'ing by now. :3 Thanks for looking out though.
    Oh no, don't worry, I didn't use the character from my new temp. I used Aurora who was already accepted. ^w^ Dusk shan't be written for until he's accepted.
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