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    Also remember to include this too; I edited your post accordingly.
    Thanks ^_^

    Oh yes I see, a very unjust decision, just because he doesn't agree with your methods doesn't give him the right to nega rep you. Shame really, like I said report it if you want to.
    No problem and I can understand its unintentional, but keep that in mind. It will eventually become second nature and you won't feel the need to post illegitimately. It's no problem, it's just a warning since those who reach such a high post count in a short amount of time are usually seen as post whores. And with that suspicion they overlook posts and what not and can gather from that you're not someone they'd respect.

    Gah I'm over thinking things; I tend to do that so pay no mind if I babble. I'm sure you'll do fine lad :3 oh and either way I wasn't talking about the rep in question, I was just agreeing with his statement is all. Like I said report it, or at least show me the post he nega repped you for.
    Also to a degree I have to agree with Vice.

    Yes a majority of your posts have been on topic, that much is true, but a good number have been one liners that are like Vice said "incomplete thoughts" or for the thread to be closed. I don't mind that you post, but put more meaning into it if you can; it's happening less often then not.

    It may sound a tad hypocritical coming from someone who has 4k posts, but even if I did post they had an impact in the thread. Basically I, and you, have used the spam on topic technique; it's not necessarily spam but it's the spamming of what's been said previously or just trying to coax someone from thinking something is wrong. It has gotten me to premium in less then a months time, but for the most part I tried to make sense as much as possible, staying on topic and not wandering far from the subject at hand. Again I'm not accusing you of going completely off topic, but if you see something unfit, spam worthy or that doesn't make sense, continue on with the topic as nothing had happened or respond but don't lean the post in the favor of the spam. And as always don't post "this needs to be closed", in general many do that so I'm not only pointing the finger at you, it's more so a reminder.

    If that made a lick of sense thanks for taking my opinion into account.
    That's stupid though; nega-repping you for a reason like that. =/

    Sorry it took so long to reply. Internet fucked up so I had to restart my computer.
    Go to the "Report a member/topic" thread in the Feedback and Support section; yes you can report it there. Just follow the criteria provided and link the post in question you were nega repped for.


    However the nega rep will be removed only if it's for an illegitimate reason.
    As a normal member (not premium or plat) you cannot nega rep, that privilege to normal members has been taken away some time ago I'm afraid.
    Aww. Well, I just repped you not too long ago, so I have to rep more people until I can rep you again. D,: I hate not being able to keep track of who you just repped...
    So let me get this straight. I clearly pointed out that we both posted the same information at the exact same time (It clearly shows what time each post is posted) if you looked closely enough you would have seen that and you would have not posted a single one liner saying "I posted that already"

    It is entirely possible for multiple people to post the same thing at the same time. As for the remark about you posting bullshit. I have seen a few threads lately from you and i seen one line incomplete thoughts. And seeing as your close to 1000 post people tend to do that. Im only pointing that out. Also why would i get mad over post counts. Its only a number. I dont need to archive a certain amount of post count i have plenty.

    Im just saying.
    It's funny... I've been here since May, yet I've only truly been active these last two or three months. o.o And you've only been here one month. Damn.
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