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    Maybe you should be bugging the person who had made that post instead of myself.
    It was a sword. A weapon, etc. Not a Keyblade.
    And we don't know the exact details on how it was able to be used as an intermediate for Riku's Way to Dawn.
    The Heart Unlocker had no keychain.
    Soul Eater isn't a Keyblade.
    Axel's Seven Days is most likely not completely canon. As it has already been identified, in both the game and otherwise, that Xemnas gave him his name. I believe there is even a scene in the Axel's Seven Days which shows Xemnas giving Roxas his name. So, if anything, it was either a mistranslation or Axel is a whackjob.
    To Obtain Kingdom Hearts. Gain the power of darkness. To become whole. To cover the world in Darkness or something like that.

    I think i mispoke. They had the similar goals, but for different reasons. And they went about obtaining those goals in different ways.
    and maybe you should make a thread out of it.
    The forums are dead and it could bring about some good discussions.
    We don't know that they were in Hollow Bastion together. It was never stated.
    And honestly, I think once Xehanort became Xehanort's Heartless, he didn't go back to Hollow Bastion until years later.
    And they had different goals, as well as different minds.
    Their studies with the darkness of the heart was a huge thing to keep from their Master. Along with it, they kept the Heartless, the Heart of the World, and the Door all secret from Ansem until he found it himself.

    Well, they didn't, that much is obvious. They didn't talk to Ansem about it at all. For, like I said, he held no knowledge about the Keyblade until Mickey showed up less than a year later.
    They kept a lot of things from their Master. Why would knowledge of the Keyblade be any different?

    And I knew you were referring to Xehanort. I meant, what if they never saw MX. Which was to say, they wouldnt know Xehanort could/should/etc a Keyblade.
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