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  • No problem, I looked on the list of members and you were the only one on with a pretty colored username xD
    No lol. I live in Utah.
    I did go to Milwaukee last year like every weekend in the fall when I lived in Chicago though.

    Random haha.
    Oberon? lol.

    You changed your name!

    Hmmm. *makes conversation awkward* just kidding.
    Is that a good thing??? lol
    >well jeels was trying to make me his. and i was like noooo i love taylor and he's batman. so then he was like i have to kill him then. and the whole thing just escalated from there and that's why he made the thread lol.

    A girl's gotta eat, Detective...
    I hope I won't be seeing anything like this out of you, Blake:

    Haha we assembled the dream team with you as Blake and a lovely successor
    Corey as Alfred
    Me as Selina
    Taylor as Bruce

    You can't beat that cast lol
    Btw, are you in some sort of Smogon league? Your sigs is very similar to the ones Smogon uses in their Pokemanz tournies.
    Poop. I wish I had known about this beforehand. I would have made a record of my listening times. Well at least that explains a lot. I'm not really impressed with my headphones right now. They sound pretty much the same as the $10 Sony headphones I got at Walmart. The quality is all muffled like :/

    Anyway, how will I know when they're burned in? Will I randomly have an eargasm? Haha.
    Are you an audiophile by any chance? I was looking up info on my Audio Technica's and the term "burn in" appeared. Apparently, these babies won't sound the best that they can for at least another 100 hours. Is this true? Did yours improve in sound over time?
    So dawg, my Audio Technica's came in the mail today. *U*

    You wear glasses right? How do you deal with them when wearing these headphones? And how do you deal with the long ass cable? Like seriously, the cable is freaking HUGE. Do you just stuff it in your pocket or something?
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