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  • Haha its quite perfect! Thanks for sharing it hon! If its any consolation, the pokeball i posted on my tumblr reminded me of you
    First off, that gif is totally wonderful.

    Second, your avatar scared the shit out of me at first
    The guys a quack if you ask me haha. But yeah if you come across anything hilarious about the guy (which really shouldn't be hard) drop it by me lol
    Oberon Zell-Raveheart is a man who truly believes he's a wizard. He cofounded the Church of All Worlds and is trying to open a school for wizadry a la Harry potter.

    I was just on buzz feed when I caught his name in an article and was just curious lol
    Hey, random question; your username wouldn't happen to come from Oberon Zell-Ravenheart?
    I know, what is up with that.
    I loved our angsty teen chats on skype. I hope everything's good with you these days? You certainly look it, HAHAHA.
    Hahahaha omg Bruce's face in #60 kills me when he's in the doorway. Such a cute comic ahhhhhhh
    It's in Dark Dawn. Played four times, I believe; for the bosses you have to beat in order to obtain the summons.
    So I think my headphones have slowly started to burn in. I'm starting to notice new and different sounds in songs that I listen to frequently. It was also made reaaaaally apparent the other day when I hooked up my iPod to my friend's car stereo. I played Room for Happiness by Kaskade and his bass was just awful. It was nothing like what my headphones sounded like.
    Great battle and great theme. I'm glad it has since survived to become the "Guardian Bosses'" theme.
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