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  • Ill put it this way, rebuild is a very good series of ACTION movies, I miss the still moments, the psychoanalysis of charcters, & some of the hints that let the audience know the Evas where more than machines (in the 1st movie unit one didn't hold out its hand to protect Shinji from the falling lights during the 1st angel attack) Despite my complaints I own 1.1, 1.11, & 2.22. Rebuilds action scenes (especially the falling angel in the 2nd movie, its name escapes me) have won me over.
    That sig is 200% baller, especially the way the glasses slide in on him.
    transfered to one in this township, luckily its within the same county so the tuitions are roughly the same lmao, i actually saved xD
    Had some issues with moving to work out. Currently staying with my stepmother and my half-brothers.
    Yeah? :D I've been keeping up with it since 2009, lol. I wish I had waited. But I really loved the direction 2.0 was taking it in.

    3.0 and 4.0 are going to be fucking mind-blowing. I mean, Asuka... looks like a space pirate.
    Sure there new guy I'll be your friend I am really kind to new people
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