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  • Yeah! Its cool shit isn't it? The made the entire blue sky noise album into an 8bit release, they are all up on youtube. There are also a couple from on letting go as well I believe.
    One day, one day! lol.

    Lol I already get plenty of those, sometimes conversations get really weird - I just hang up on them. I'm all like "Uhh, Do you have a Confirmation Code, because if you don't I'm sorry I won't be able to help you unless if it's jetBlue related!?" haha, I work overnight shifts as well so getting crazy calls it's quiet common. And yes I'd rather be physically working with people - I work from home as well and like the only person I see in my office is myself ;_; I could work at the Centre but it's about 30 miles away. ugh.

    Indiana for a Vidya Games? lol Cool, you should go hit up Chicago while you're there too. It's a great city.

    So you must be a pretty hardcore gamer. That's cool. What kind of games are you really into?

    Well, it's Utah. Have you been here before!?? It's a beautiful place but there's no life. It's boring, it sucks. But forget it, thank God I work for an airline so I can live my life in other states. I literally have to travel in order to have fun.
    There's just not much life to this place, com'on I come from California - it just does NOT compare at all lol.

    May I ask in what place of the states are you located at? (curiosity) lol
    well I saw you posted what I wrote in the pokemon thread, I thought maybe you wanted to battle me in a match?
    fuck. I have a life lmao. don't blame me for lagging it in posts lol. I'll probably be plat within a year though. Idk how I'm gonna do it, but I feel like I'm obligated to be one atm lmao.

    I'm that one lady that answers the phone when you call 1800jet-blue lol. Reservations agent for an airline. It's a pretty damn great company to work for. Makes my day but I'd rather be at an airport position to be honest :D

    Don't tell me that! Summer is the greatest time of the year!!! It's not boring, so what if all you do is play vidya games, if you enjoy it- you enjoy it! that's all that matters!

    Crap. I live in Utah. I don't think it could ever get much worse than that. :|
    Oh, well shit I've been here six years and only have 1480 (I'm quiet lazy to be honest) lmao. I think it's been long overdue for me to become a premmie.

    Pretty good, just here enjoying my time off (one hour) I've been working insane hours/nonstop this weekend. I need to take it easy before I explode lol.

    Just having a drink atm.

    How's life been treating you, stranger!? :D
    I just saw that you only have 840 posts and you're a mod. I have no idea what being a mod is based from, but congrats! lol?

    oh hai there.
    So you're a fairy? Gee, what a faggot lol. Jk.

    Actually, I realized it was Shakespeare related once I researched the character. The comic book character was based on the Shakespearian character. Makes me feel like I should have come up with a more creative username. Lol
    So can I ask you how you made/got your username?

    I just finished reading Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison, and there was this character named "Oberon Sexton". I was like, o_O, is that you George?
    'fraid not, I'm not half even halfway talented enough to make something like that XD. It's Cloud's handiwork.

    Now that you mention it, I'd beter give him some credit for it.
    Uh-huh, I was going to ask who Omega was. What I got is that him (and Mother Elf ) were key to wining the Reploid War.
    I could never understand one thing: Is Omega Zero's original body and Zero's body is the replica?
    It's from Live Free or Die Hard and I thought you might have liked it since I noticed you are rockin' the Fett as your sig. fett swag
    McClane: "Nice poster."
    Warlock: "Oh what, like you a big fan of the Fett?"
    McClane: "No. I was always more of a Star Wars guy."
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