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  • i like fall season to, its when summer ends and it starts getting cold.
    the leave change colors, all the agrevating bugs and snakes go away, its not hot but not cold either.
    its basically the season between summer and winter.

    first the leaves fall then snow does XD
    the senoir citizens said its supposed to again in a few days i'll try to get u a picture.
    i know it aint much but it'll be more realistic than a post card or commercial XD
    yep u just stand there, or u can make a snow ball and eat it instead.
    though the second it touches ur tongue it melts so ur prety much eating rain XD
    its not possible, well mabye if u like get a snow ball and pour chocolate syurp on it :d

    here this is a dictionary website i figured u could use it
    I bet your English is fine...or at least no worse than my Spanish.
    I wish I had more exposure to other languages.
    Whoa you have an Indonesian teacher telling you how to do stuff in English for Indonesian?
    Don't worry about me feeling down, I agree with you too.
    That can be a disadvantage. I wouldn't like having a teacher teaching us a language while not being able to speak ours. Maybe English is important...I know a lot of the world learns English to keep up with the USA but don't realize that they are already better countries than us.
    Does he only speak English?
    Full English that's terrible. I at least get one that goes both ways.
    Oh I can only imagine how difficult that would be. Do we lack creativity or what? XD
    I hate English because of what you said and because we don't even get taught about it in school. I learned more about the English language by learning Spanish than I ever did in an English class.
    I like English because I know it I guess haha.

    Yes I know what forfeit means, but it is kind of like the word train with the different meanings.
    It could mean to surrender or to have something taken away by law.
    of course u can the snow is just frozen rain the second a snow flake touches any part of ur body it melts, thats y it takes so much to make a ball, that and u have gloves on.

    ice cream is made from crushed ice and vanilla flavoring, well the old home made stuff is i dont know what those big factories do.
    well u cant just pick up a bunch of snow and put it together all that gets u is a wet clump.
    u have to pack it together real tight in the form of a ball.

    the best thing about snow is u can eat it :p
    though only after it snows a couple inches, and never eat yellow snow!
    XD if u touch snow it melts, now if u make a snowball >:)
    its hard to make a good 1 but once u do nothing hurts worse XD
    its been snowin here alot since that ice storm last year, i :heart: snow to the most beautiful thing ever.
    its definatly worth the trip.

    to prevail is to conquer or win, like if a knight prevailed in a battle agaisnt a dragon.
    this thought is one of the many reasons i hated school XD
    y the oops i down talk where i live all the time,
    my society is full of ediots -_- but there r those who r still good people, the problem is ive only meet a few.
    not studying the actual school system, i dont mind to learn i watch things like history and science channel.
    XD i already make my own money.
    u dont need education to get respect hear, ur judged by what kind of person u r.
    though with so many in my state on drugs respected people r few in number.
    more trouble?
    over school?! i'd done left! :angry:
    those links r subbed in english but i doubt u'll have any problems.

    ur more talerant than me, there isnt any language with the words to describe my hatred 4 the board of education
    people smoke younger than that here.
    hav u seen the coded videos? they subbed the ending of it.
    im one of the few in my family that doesnt smoke/drink, besides my mother and little cousins to young to care XD
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