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  • XD didnt pay attention to the 1 they gave me, i learned to read from the 1st pokemon games.
    and history from the history channel. i credit everything else to sesame street XD

    u cant b that old im only 18.
    heeey, I made my first album, why don't see it???
    C'mon, I know you want to see it XD XD XD
    Huahahahahahaah XD XD XD
    i dont remeber things well either, thats just one of the few [and i do mean few] things i remeber
    :53: god no i hate schools.
    Personally I would buy the PSP.
    Do you know why the boy dolls have such long hair?
    a drama? XD the last time they tried to make do a play i was 5 and let's just say they never asked again :lol:
    yeah surpriseinly, last summer when i graduated one of the things to finish english was to make a poem and to my own surprise mine got me one of the few english A grades ive ever had my face>:53:

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    its recimended, i had to collect enough orbs to keep a stock of 28x holy waters just to beat 1 lvl o.0 but after many hours i got up to mission 7 on hell and hell and thats as far as i got.

    dantes pandora weapon is just well awesome doesnt describe it :)

    when u activate the cheats on dmc3 use the "super sparda" coustume it has unlimited devil trigger, it'll help ;)

    sure u r just dont want to admit it, the first game i played was my cousin's zelda a link to the past on super nintendo when i was 5, adn since i dont hav any talents -_- vidoe games and those poems i write r all i got.
    :53: u poor thing! well when u get ur ps2 fixed or buy a new one use the cheat in that spoilers box to unlock EVERYTHING ;)

    dmc4 is cool :heart: the only thing i cant beat is hell and hell cause u die with 1 hit -_-
    u have dmc 3? then here u do :)
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    :53: sorry i though it looked fake though so i thought nothing of it.
    me and my friends would play that in class cause it had easy controls and it was 2 player, we never really thought much of the blood, just thought the little boxmen were funny lookin XD

    here r other places dont worry there just links to arcades not a specific game.
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