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  • yeah but the only people in my town not on them r me my parents a couple of cousins an aunt and uncle, which is like 10 out of some odd 100/200.
    :) y thank u.
    though it never crossed my mind, not that much does anyway XD
    i cant b that bad.

    if it makes u feel better where i live is full of drug adicts and whores.
    and no im not joking.
    English is more proper than USA English. It's all slang now. So yeah I would suggest learning English before the USA language.
    Why is that?
    Ummmmm you are 18-19?
    Yes there are differences between USA English and UK English. It just makes it that much more confusing. Usually the small changes like in color don't matter.
    Yeah. I got membosankan when I tried translating it. The USA is boring, but yes it is safe.
    Nothing is unique about the USA was what I meant before.
    Personally I don't believe in global warming.
    I'm sorry, but did you understand what I meant by boring earlier?
    Well it is a safe country, but there are still terrorists just not as many as other countries.
    That's cool. I don't think I've ever heard someone speak Indonesian. I always enjoy meeting people from other countries though, it's refreshing.
    Exactly. So I noticed your English isn't perfect, may I ask what language you speak natively?
    Well yeah you'll be excited, but having worked so hard for it will make you feel more proud.
    I'm sure you'll get there eventually, and when you finally do get the PSP it will mean more than if someone bought it for you.
    no clue :) im a person who knows what they wnat when they c it, even if its just a image from an unreleased game i just know.
    and thats always what i went by.
    in the us there r ages rating on stuff example rated T for teen M 4 mature.
    each has an age limit to it like T u can buy but at that age ur parents usally buy, M u need to b 17+ and u must have proof or no deal.
    and my license is waht lets me drive on the road without being arrested.
    i know seems like every time i go to get a game at walmart some old hag asks me 4 my license -_-
    it gets annoying.
    i could c y i keep my age of my profile XD

    XD ur mom called u old?!
    u ask waht is she? :lol:
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