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  • Fairy Tail 234 - Read Online at Manga Stream *and next page* fairy tail has just reached dbz-ness~ :D
    D: then dont eat them! DX
    when sick its always best to stick with crackers!

    XD haha i dont think they'd keep from being dizzy long enough to fight.
    its the best way tho start with what you think you might like.

    >:D just once i'd like to get 4 lasers and a ceiling fan and tie them to the fan and turn it on in a room of cats heh heh
    lol the best way to figure out is just get one and go from there, i had a cashier job didnt like it.
    i doubt that no story can not go in chronological order.

    .....that is THE most awesome gun EVER!

    >:D while he cooked and watch basketball all day i sit in the chair and just kept flashing the laser all over the place, lol after 4 hours he couldnt ignore it anymore XD
    XD sorry got carried away XD
    lol not much XD

    *puts down knife* awwww...... >: at least use this steel-toed boot.
    one year? hell yeah! only one year til the adult life wears you down XD
    it is i'd watch haruhi if my internet would let me :3

    tch cookies dont make you gain weight silly they make you gain anagram-ness >:D
    :D YAY! *gets knife*
    XD hahahaha ive ruined several cats days with one! even ruined my dads with it.
    hota-HOTARUCHAN!? is...is that you!?

    YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [IMG]

    WHAT!? i'd kick that mechanic's ass!!!!!! >:
    your dad sounds smart o.0
    rant all you wish XD
    your about the graduate!? [IMG] CONGRATULATIONS!

    i love that opening tho the haruhi dance is funnier XD

    XD looong time no seeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how are you!? eat a cookie!? did you kick that mechanic's ass!? ever played with a laser pointer? >:D
    still dont know where your at >: but figured you'd like this best anime opening ive ever seen.
    YouTube - To Aru Majutsu no Index II Opening 2 -?See visionS?HD
    Hotaruchan? Where are you? D:
    no its not XD
    i just started a ebay account and it guided me thru it.

    D: thats cause its been taken down hold on i'll find you another one :D
    cause they could! XD

    :D i found you another kh recoded secret ending vid: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Secret Ending English Subtitles - Kingdom Hearts 3 Preview [1080p HD]
    XD i dont know he looks to much like edward to me.


    you could if you got a income somehow, then go to the bank start a checking account when they ask if you want a debit card say yes and when you get all that make a eday account.

    XD i like your new avie.
    so far but his design could change again b4 the game is released. thats how it was with dmc4 the 1st design is nothing like the last.

    D: why not?!

    well 1st of all you need a debit/credit card of some kind to buy anything on the internet.
    here its the new dmc trailer: YouTube - New Devil May Cry Trailer [TGS 2010]

    D: you cant sell something?

    hold on i'll show you :D

    D: why?

    :( that aint good. does that mean you can dance like a robot? XD
    have you seen the new dante? XD

    the game looks better each time :D

    D: is school making tired?
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