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  • thats cause the hp in days in redeculess :angry:
    i get so bored i cant even get myself to plyay 4th playthrough.

    she was at 1st but after i finished mission mode she seemed easier, probly cause the enemies on mission mode r twice as strong XD
    dante's inferno is based off teh poem by the greek/roman poet dante.
    the poem tells of dantes journel through the 9 circles of hell.
    and honestly i wouldnt recoment teh game, its disterbin :53: a bit to graphic -_-
    the longest i ever took to beat a game is 25 hours [3-4 days], which was kh 358 days.
    oh ok, do ur parents to?

    i order a game called no more heroes 2 the other day >:)
    better b good, i bought that dante's inferno the other day and beat it in 9-10hrs.
    yeah u feel cold XD
    sometimes my hands go numb.

    u feel cold as soon as u open the door.
    i am, its summer i hate.
    i can run around in shorts during winter XD

    spring is the season between summer[hot] and winter[cold] so the weather then is usally mixed inbetween.

    spring is when winter turns summer, so cold to hot
    fall is summer to winter, hot to cold.
    glad to c u like it :)
    i was starting to not think i could, like i said b4 we get 4 seasons here and winter is almost over.
    spring is in like 2-3 months, which is when the cold weather to warm.
    the only drives i like is limit and anti.
    i get on at like 10:00pm since i dont get home from work til 9:30.
    That's a good way of looking at it, I'd say.
    At least you have tradition to keep in Indonesia.
    Huh, you kind of lost me sorry. Are you saying that Indonesians should stop trying to be like Islamics?
    Yeah they're right up there with words that read the same backwards and forwards.
    Huh, I was never really aware that Arabian was a language...
    it snowed a little today but it wouldnt stick T.T i wont give up!
    just wait ill get u a picture b4 spring! :53:

    wet and dry?
    like when it rains 4 a few months straight?

    i live in kentucky, usa.
    here we get spring summer fall and winter.
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