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  • Yeah, I guess so. I don't agree with mostly everyone on Youtube nor the news. Maybe, the right leaning Youtubers that I am subscribed are better. Of course, it's pretty hard since most of the people in my life voted for Hilary Clinton and listen mostly to the news.

    Yet, my friend who turned off the news when 9/11 happened is now soaking up every word that the news is telling her and she told me, "You can't believe everything Wikileaks tells you."

    Maybe, she's right, but Wikileaks has a 100% credibility with what they publish. By the way, this is HA Goodman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsuhjL4ZjEY
    That's cool!

    I've been kind of annoying for quite a long time now, especially since I don't know where I stand politically and often get called out by both sides about having the wrong information.

    Right now, I am leaning left because of all the deportations and many of the Youtubers that I am subscribed to leaning on Trump, even though they have said they aren't Trump supporters. However, it's hard to trust the media since they keep repeating the same thing while HA Goodman and WikiLeaks has evidence contrary towards their claims.

    I can't make up my mind. Should I get back in line and shut up? I don't know if you've ever watched HA Goodman, he's pretty informative despite writing for the Huffington Post who pretty much called King Kong racist.
    I feel like I am going way left because the people that I am subscribed to seem to be not calling Trump on. I don't want to become a leftist!
    Politics is the new religion! SJWs and Anti-SJWs really messed up this election, the DNC didn't help things either. I wish Bernie Sanders would have stuck it out and actually lived up to his ideals. I actually listened to the Hard Bastard's video and apparently Bernie paid like thirteen percent in his taxes. I wish Hard Bastard would have actually said, "Hey Trump, where are the other tax returns? You only showed 2005."
    Yeah, I should be more skeptical but at the same time being autistic leads me to having a huge degree of naivety. This election was really an eye opener and I hoping these four years get better.

    The whole JonTron thing is ridiculous in my opinion because Destiny from what I heard in the video and some comments seems like he did far worse than JonTron like getting a gun and carry and conceal permit because some internet troll. I think there is more to it.
    Thanks! I have an infamous reputation on here.

    Anyways, I hope you get something out of it. Naked Ape has a completely infamous history as well, especially with The Amazing Atheist and him pretty much being a libertarian or a conservative. I hope you won't notice the same problem as I did, apparently two of the videos in Naked Ape's description were taken down. There's some pretty freaky stuff in the video.
    That's pretty cool. I almost completely forgot that Jazz went like way back. I'll have to admit though that Jazz music has it's merits. It's probably some amazing stuff.

    I noticed you said you were a instrumentalist. How many instruments do you play? I can only play the guitar.
    You seem to be more open to more genres than I am. It's mostly into more sub-genres and punk rock, indie rock, math rock, and sub-genres of Hip hop. Jazz for me seems too boring and older music from the 70s or 80s seem to cliche and kind of generic (although there are some exceptions, i.e. Joy Division). Not saying anything else is bad, it's just that it's not my kind of thing.
    Post-hardcore music is like super good when you're listening to the right artists. You should probably listen to it when you have the time. I kinda do the same thing with music, but instead of genres, it's like a lot of artists.
    Well, whatever it is, here they are:
    -Joyce Manor
    -Modern Baseball

    Not sure if you listen to any Post-hardcore, but if you do:
    -Touche Amore
    -Old Gray
    -At The Drive In
    -Dance Gavin Dance
    Hey, your short story was really good. =) If you ever wanna put it in the creative writing section, you're welcome to.
    congrats for getting bronze, even though your color didn't change yet xD
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