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  • Hey Grono! I've come to tell you about something that will certainly tingle your jazz senses.
    Not much, I tried to sing The Three Caballeros in Espanol. However, I looked like a complete idiot, especially when I mispronounced "pinata" and "blindfolded."
    I am actually an agnostic. I do listen to a lot of atheists, who happen to be right leaning.

    I also got back from watching Bryan's A Bad Father. It was kind of bad, but not as bad as Screams In Silence, which is another notorious bad episode of Family Guy.
    I actually don't want to do debate. It's pretty hard for me since I failed political science, especially with gay marriage being legalized and the Islamic Center being built near Ground Zero.
    Yeah. I think he is referring to the ideology that psychologists hacks use, "Minorities can't be racist, because racism is power plus privilege. So, minorities who have no privilege and power in the majority of the world, cannot be racist."

    I believe that's how it goes. It sounds pretty stupid. I hope that student can get help with what he needs.
    Interesting, so it's the opposite of what I've been saying. Pretty much, I've been watching a lot of Youtubers and I seem to be repeating the same idiotic rhetoric of the person that they are ranting on, but probably to a more extreme agree. Example: "I can't believe that they are allowing Iron Fist to be played by a white guy. Ugh, racist!"

    More extreme version: "I can't believe Hollywood allows white people to act! Anything that has white people in it, it's always racist!"

    Of course, that's probably in due to me sperging out. I have Asperger's and I am easily influenced on a lot of things, given time and external and internal pressure.

    I should make a video game with such a person like that.
    That's good. Last night was kind of unproductive, I went through different forums about rather parents were coddling towards their autistic children. I got a variety of responses. Some of them were generalizations about all autistics being Chris-Chan and should all die. While, the other generalizations were like, "They can't help themselves, we need to protect them!" Some of them were reasonable.

    I am glad you enjoyed them last night. I went to McDonald's with a friend after seeing Moana.
    The mom and the daughter both suffered abuse just like the guy that takes care of them. I also went through abuse and I have also been criticized by the mom for being agnostic and my attitude.

    I just think the thirty years old woman is capable of a lot, but she just seems to be too coddled.
    I did enjoy it. I wish my elderly friend didn't bring up Trump and his and Ryan's failed bill. I hope Congress comes up with a better bill that actually helps Americans instead of what Paul Ryan had in mind, which seems like a pseudo-Obamacare plan.

    I should have dropped Trump like she wanted, instead of having her think that I am mentally retarded for defending him. I just don't think it's fair to constantly condemn Trump for every single thing like Hilary losing the electoral college or WikiLeaks.

    I am also a little annoyed with another elderly friend because she is worried about her thirty something year old daughter who has high functioning autism getting her coverage cut. Her daughter just sleeps the entire day and plays video games.

    I have probably unfairly criticized her daughter and her mother for it. I mean, the woman has autism. But, at the same time, she is just sleeping the day away, asking her mom for a video game controller, and just mostly nagging her mom.

    I asked her mom a question and she responded, "That's against her religion! She can't work! I don't want to push her too hard because my psychologist said that would cause her to break down."

    I don't know what I can say, because I'll just get looked at like a bigot, which is probably what I am sounding like. I have the same problems as she does with sleeping the entire day and playing video games and pretty much expecting my caregiver to do all the stuff.

    My caregiver has actually told me to get off my lazy ass and do stuff by myself. I happen to do a lot of stuff for myself like cleaning, cooking is my real weakness. I like her the thirty year old whatever expect people to do stuff for us.

    However, we are completely different and I should probably shut up. I just get tired of seeing the mom in so much pain because she is really obese and can hardly move without being in pain. She has a guy that takes care of her and her daughter, who also lives with them. He also has autism like her and me. He also drives.

    I just get annoyed that the daughter seems like she is exploiting her mom and the guy that lives with them. They have like two dogs and two cats and I have heard that the house is pretty unkempt because the mom can hardly move without being in pain.

    The mom is also a gambler and I am worried that once she passes, what would happen to her daughter? Would the daughter be forced to live out on the streets and get a job? It's not easy to look for a job, especially in today's economy. I should probably dedicate more of my time towards it. I should probably also meet with Adelante's job development specialist about searching for a job.

    I have an application waiting to be filled out. I worry about exploiting the state since I got some passes from that can be used to get to and from appointments. So, in theory, I can use them for whatever purpose. They are supposed to last me six months.

    I can also get out of the apartment more with looking for a job or riding the bus. So, how dare I criticize the mom and her daughter! I also have autism like her and the guy that lives with them.

    My mom never gave me a pass like the mom did. She pretty much said, "Just because you have autism, it doesn't mean you are autistic!"

    I live by myself and just feel like the daughter is wasting her potential. The mom said she and her daughter were looking for work through the agency that I am using, but they stopped because all the jobs were already taken. The agency is a state agency focused on helping people find work.

    I should also focus on getting help with installing Microsoft Word, because I am having trouble with imputing the data correctly. I don't have it! I could learn to use it.
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