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  • Yeah, that's true. As long as it doesn't take away entirely from the story then things should work out okay. I forgot why Maurice went to Beast's castle in the film. What do you think about storyboard's version where Maurice travels to Beast's castle after he failed to sell the music box due it getting destroyed?
    She seems like she might be around the same age and Maguerite was probably put in charge because even though Belle can handle herself, her sister, Clarice possibly couldn't.

    I might give it a shot, but if I can find it somewhere on like Dailymotion for free. I might be seeing Moana tomorrow.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOJ710ccp34 I also found this part where Maurice or Belle and Clarissa's father arrives at the castle after failing to return to his sisters and his nagging bitch of a sister, Maguerite. The horse's reaction was interesting and one of the people in the comments said he prefers this version of Maurice than the one that is in the 1991 version, who seemed more like Belle's annoying grandfather.
    I might find some way to watch it for free. I am just too skeptical of the new movie. I think I might have found something interesting. Apparently, this was an alternate opening that didn't find it's way into the original 1991 animated film. In this, Gaston is a snob instead of a hunter and Belle has a sister and an aunt. The aunt wants to get Belle to marry Gaston, whom she and her younger sister, Clarissa rightfully despise.

    How are you doing today?

    I also found out that Belle had a sister and an aunt that were deleted. The aunt's name was Marguerite and the sister's name was Clarissa.
    Whoa, that's cool! I wish it wasn't relegated to just being a movie and actually got its own game so that a lot of things can get flushed out.
    Yeah, it would actually be terrifying to carry a Keyblade like that. However, from what I read. The Keyblade could still do internal bleeding with it being a blunt weapon.
    Blood Soaked Moon by ienzo628 on DeviantArt Here's also one of my poems. I used to post poems on here, but they got too grim and adult.
    I agree. Fortunately, I haven't ran into many SJWs here. I am thinking about starting to do commentary on DeGrassi Next Class. Gosh, that show has gone downhill!
    Yeah, that sort of thing is what lead me towards the anti-SJWs like appabend and Andywarski and Devil's Advocate. They seem to get a lot of crap due to being right leaning.
    Well, I mostly don't listen to him. I listen to Hard Bastard, Styxhexhammer666, HA Goodman, SomeBlackGuy, Charmingman93, and rarely TYT and Secular Talk. Alex Jones is just too ridiculous for my taste. I also do listen to Rebel Media and Second Clancy.

    Of course, I have read some comments saying that "Oh Rebel Media is racist!" or "Oh, Second Clancy is a pedophile!" Usually, I find the claims unfounded. Sure, some people have some opinions that you don't agree with like JonTron vs Destiny, but you should be careful about how you label your rivals. Just because, Rebel Media (labeled themselves conservative, which I disagree with because I don't agree with their stance) doesn't mean that they are necessarily all racist. I am not sure about the accusation of Second Clancy being a pedophile.
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