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  • Yeah. Sidequest objectives can be bland, and it's because they can be done by different characters, so each sidequest has a particular alternate ending. You could try to read online about them. And keeping track of sidequests isn't that hard. Just go to the menu.
    Haven't tried that one, but I heard it wasn't that great, to be honest, so probably!
    I'm pretty sure it's sort of a sausage egg and cheese type deal but in their crunchwrap form. It sounds good, and apparently it's the best thing on their breakfast menu.
    I actually should try the breakfast crunchwrap they've got there, I've heard it's not even half bad.
    Maybe it's just me, but banana peppers are super gross xD And they, like, stuffed this thing to the brim with banana peppers last time I went!
    You should try it sometime! Just make sure they don't put banana peppers in your shit, I got tricked last time and I was pissed xD
    A jury is essentially music Major talk for a final exam graded by how well you perform a solo or solos. It's okay, it does sound like that too XD

    Duuuude, i want taco Bell so badly!
    I've been good! I'm getting stressed because my juries are coming up for the tubas, so I'm practicing a ton, and i have to play six memorized jazz standards on Wednesday for trombone. Other than that, though, it's just been a lot or hanging out with my tuba section from high school and fast food XD
    You should do it! I think your hypothesis is sound, people go crazy for utada's albums here.
    Yeah, Take Five has quite a reputation to it. If you know what a "standard" is in jazz, Take Five is one of the classic ones. There's a bunch of them that I have to memorize, standards are usually songs that all jazz people have ready to play at all times if they're out on a gig.
    -Of course! I thought I'd only repay the favor :)
    -I get that, it could be grating. I love tenacious d because they rock so hard, not just because they tell jokes. That's the reason why I don't listen to Bo Burnham that much. I would definitely check out The Darkness if you get the chance, they're not really mock rock, although their main singer is a little silly.
    -Take Five is a jazz piece by Dave Brubeck, haha. It's famous for being one of the only popular jazz pieces in 5/4 time, so it has a hypnotizing feel to it.
    -I did, their music was quite interesting. The first album caught me off guard, but the one you suggested I liked quite a bit :)
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