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    KHUX ► How to enjoy the whole X saga?

    That's actually what I was hoping MoM would be
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    Question regarding Ventus and Sora

    Also, because hearts have to disappear from the realm of light. Only those with no darkness don't. Castle Oblivion is in the Realm In-between, meaning it can't go to his body.
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    Foreteller Boss Fights

    I remember that they had a magic cancelling effect for Kurt Zisa. It irritted me to watch people not taking advantage of his timing to summon Tinkerbell before it happens.
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    Chat music

    Years ago, KHI had a chat function. In it, there was a music player. There was a particular song that I m currently looking for. It was a remix off Dr. Wily's theme. It was kinda badass. I have searched everywhere else and can't find it. Does anyone else know what I am referring to? What it was...
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    Theory: We were in the Black Box

    Interesting. I would wager that any game with a yellow Kingdom Hearts is either a fake world or fake KH.
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Breath of Darkness

    So, does anyone want to grab that phone? Because I fucking called it! Don't lump me in with you. My prediction was accurate.
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    Who do you consider the main lead of birth by sleep?

    Disagree all you want but Ven only has 2 game appeareances, BBS and KH3. He is the first to get his ass knocked tf out in both. TWICE in BBS. How the fuck you lose to a Neoshadow? Roxas' first appearance has him murdering Neoshadows left and right, and Roxas is half of Sora...
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    Am I the only one who noticed that Sora has become a pretty attractive person?

    I would argue that his lips are supposed to be supple, not chapped
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    Time travel question

    Well, off screen. Ansem SoD time was time travelling in KH1. So maybe then?
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    Who do you consider the main lead of birth by sleep?

    Yeah. I've had years of practice at this. In fact, when I first joined KHI, people would get in trouble for derailing threads, but I'd often wind up fine because it was so damn funny. I don't think that style works well for Keyblade wielders. It's beautiful and all, but Aqua's cartwheel adds...
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    Who do you consider the main lead of birth by sleep?

    I love the cartwheel more, but to be fair, Dodge Roll is God-Tier evasion. AAAAHAHHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA *COUGHS FROM LAUGHING* no Yes, being emo makes him cool. "pwease kill me guise. I dun wanna be a kiblead" /s And...
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    Ranking the keyblade wielders from the strongest to the weakest my honest opinion!

    Last I checked (which was research for this comment aka 30 seconds ago) Vanitas was manipulating Ven. He needed to lose in order to gain control of the X-Blade. That L was a part of his plan. You could say that it still counts, but let's not fotget the one who was in charged when they fused. It...