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  • Ahh. I think making a graphic designer portfolio last night and adding some tags to it made me want to come back. I've checked in periodically just never posted. Haha.
    Yeahhh, basically. It's weird you're back too. I was active like late last year then stopped.
    I've been good just waiting for school start. My summers been boring but very enlightening. Been reading stuff by Confucius.
    I'd delete the posts in the thread so they don't ''scare'' customers away lol.
    But I'm afraid that I might start something with that so I'm just leaving it as it is. Dont wanna get in fights.
    In the meantime though, until we get requests, may I ask for a tag from you?
    Well, back in my old days as head of another sig shop called moonlight studios, we did have some members changing shops and all but it never lead to these sort of things. I'm surprised at this. Then again, I'm just not going to voice my opinion simply cos..eh I don't want to take part in a fight lol
    lol I know the feeling of wanting to keep a tag lol.
    Im just kinda worried at the moment about the ''fights'' in the shop =s


    Really liked some of your older styles so I tried to do a variant of my own (=
    Cant say that you do, I did make a tag for you back when I was Kissui Tensai, lol Xelhes/Optical Justice actually trained me in GFX.
    oh my god..

    you actually /exist/ again.
    hi. its beau. ichangedmyname and got 10000000000000000000000000000000x better at gfx.
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