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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Heck yeah, the cards by itself are around over $100 bucks in total. I felt really old holding those cards lol.
    You're welcome! I had realized it few days ago. We are in 2016 now, so there had to be a new trailer at some point and there it was lol.
    Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! It was really nice of you, and your avatar always amuses me. XD
    Music playing starters, Adventure Time AND stalktastic behavior? We have so much to talk about :3
    Sometimes, I think Nomura makes all his designs so freakin' complicated so that no one will be able (or want) to rip off of his style. Kinda like those impossible-to-imitate patterns on a dollar bill. Still, you'd think after spending upwards of forty hours on each KH game, I'd be able to remember something as simple as which direction Sora holds the Keyblade off to. Honest to god, I can't remember unless I see it...

    I sometimes use art books to help me along. Besides having some good, simple instructions, they're usually filled to the brim with inspiring images. I just recently got a book like that on dragons. Since they use so many different elements, I figure if I can get good at them, I'll have a good place to start with everything else.
    Sometimes those classes aren't so bad. Every now and then, they'll actually teach something useful or we'll have a fun project. I once was able to create a Charizard picture out of paint drops, kinda like pixel art. Maybe I'll put up some of my own sketches in the art threads someday.

    The stuff Nomura does is just in another league than Pokemon, though. Other than the black coat, I can't really draw any of that stuff from memory. And spiky hair is waaay harder to draw than it looks. XD

    I just wanted to say that your art is pretty inspirational to someone like me. My school has art classes, but all they ever do is yammer about the color wheel or neo-cubism , so most of my drawing skills are the results of drawing stuff like Pokemon in my spare time. Knowing that someone can get that good on their own is encouraging. So uh, thanks for sharing your stuff! :D
    Thanks Fudgemint! I'd definitely bookmark Chris Oatley's link, I love that guy (even though I've never interacted with him lol). Do you do digital as well?
    Bahaha, I can relate. I've been 'drawing' since I was a kid, crappy stuff, though. I would occasionally draw stuff here and there in middle & high school, but never really got into it like when I was a kid. After I graduated I tried getting back into it again because I thought that I wanted to be a tattoo artist, but I gave up on that rather quickly. It wasn't until this time last year that I got back into it and started taking it seriously. I'm self taught as well, let's be friends lol. Self taught is the shit.

    I did start taking online digital painting courses from Chris Oatley about 6 months ago, though. And back in May I started going to a local figure drawing group, where I met Clint Hobart, who hosts them. He's cool, he gives us mini lessons and will critique our work if we want. But in Fall I'll be going to a community college for art.
    You're welcome. As Incognito suggested, you should make an art thread with your recent stuff! I'd love to see it. Were you or are you an art student?
    I see, thanks for sharing. You've got some cool stuff on there! The God Pokemon is a cool concept and I really like your sketch of the Ghastly Line, they're spooky! Are you just a hobbyist?
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