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    Is Character Files book canon?

    I don't consider anything outside the games canon.
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    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    That in KH2, Sora has a Limit attack with Riku. I've seen the hand bump part in gifs but it never registered in my mind that I never saw it in game. I just never noticed the option I guess. lol There's also in BBS where Xehanort can slam Terra to the ground. Never happened during my playthroughs.
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    Demyx and Luxord in Phase 2

    An idea I'm sorta fond of (because I seem to be the only one who's thought of it lol) is Demyx and Luxord are two of the shadow people the player traps in UX who eventually escaped, maybe at the cost of their memories like how Ven, Lauriam, and Elrena did, and gained forms (or possessed people...
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    Been here 10 years apparently

    Logged in after a long time to see how are things and it turns out this is my ten year anniversary of being on this site. Doesn't feel like it's been that long. XD
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    What to name the next saga of Kingdom Hearts?

    What's in the Damn Box Saga Lost Masters Saga sounds good to me, but Nomura will probably call it The ※ Saga and we'll be sitting here wondering how the heck we're supposed to pronounce that.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Patch 1.04 Out Now

    Yah, I know what a meant. I was just thinking how it being that, despite them not doing it before, felt unsurprising of KH to me.
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    KH Shower Thoughts

    The only way I can see Yozora's reaction having sense is if Quadratum's "Etro" is named Sora. Otherwise Yozora comes off as you said.
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    Do you think we will ever get a 358/2 Days remake?

    At this point I doubt it'd ever happen. Pretty sure Nomura and SE would rather focus on the future of KH than revisit old titles, and they likely consider the "cinematic" good enough. Even if they did, I always gotta think about the story aspect and given what was removed or given less...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Patch 1.04 Out Now

    I'm surprised they even bothered. Either Nomura thought it necessary to add for future shenanigans or they just forgot to include it in the first place. lol
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    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You Has Been Rated M in Australia

    Says there's no drug use when Minamimoto is high on math.
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    Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts

    Something which Axel didn't even have an active involvement in... Can't have those pesky personalities getting in the way of the plot now can we?
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    Introducing... KHInsider Light theme !!!!

    My account is always on default, but the site uses the new theme if you're not logged in. I was gone for a while, so I was just surprised when I saw it. XD