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  • (There's a button on my messages that says "view conversation. If you type your reply there, it'll appear on mywall and I'll get a notification about it.)

    I've been tired lately, but I'm hopding in there! Organic Chemistry is tough. And how are you?
    Oh, sorry, I didn't notice that you replied, hehe. Careful to make sure you reply on my visitor page or in the conversation, or it won't alert me. But sure, let's get along well~
    I don't do my fanfics on that site but it seems like a great site tho but never thought of shoving them up on sites like that i our mine on another KH site and i think one or 2 r on here tho
    Also your Fanfic is ace and awesome its really cool so amazing and i really love it haha do u do much fanfic writting
    Cool sounds ace and i bet you are a pretty good fanfic writter. Ive done a few lately but have dropped them since ages ago and just to let you know that you have to press on the blue icon on the message u received on here that says View conversation . Just giving you a heads up on the Vm thing but i don't mind it lol
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