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  • Yeah its good to not give up. I'm sure you'll get one if you keep trying :) I still gotta wait 2 more years but the moment Im 16, iima start looking. I don't think I'd wanna work in fast food thoiugh -__-
    How's Art History? They were offering it here but apparently the Professor is just horrible, so I didn't take it.
    Eh, have like 3 essays due next week already and I just started yesterday, which I was not ready for aha. One of them is going to be easy though, I just have to write a 10pg essay on why I want to learn Japanese haha.
    How is school going for you? Taking any interesting classes?
    Than buckle down, haha. Seriously just try to listen and or not, disobey them. If they have no reason to send you away than they wont (most likely).
    Cool, I will check it out when I get a chance. I am getting ready to get off because I a going somewhere tonight; talk to you soon.
    Oh, so they might send you to a group home because of all that? At least they worry about you. Similar stuff happened to one of my friends, and her parents just kicked her out, and now she's in foster care. She's got a good house now, her and her foster sister both go to the same school.
    I'm not even going to bother to save up money for it yet. We have no NA release date, and I haven't played Re:coded yet.
    Oh thats too bad about you're ankle :/
    And same. I think if I save up all my birthday money, christmas money, and sell my DSI I MIGHT be able to afford it but who knows -___-
    Very good. Havent talked to you inawhile :) how are things?
    And SUPER excited fror 3D. And my birthday which is in 3 days ^.^
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