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  • Well, I don't like the word retarded, no do my friends, so I tried to tell CA59 and I was 'told' off by Mangaartist who is friends with CA59. Then in their coversation, they were talking about me, think I lying about having autism (Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I don't have a disability), they talked about my stories. CA59 said it Sucked while Mangaartist said he couldn't get passed the first paragraph. Plus, I think they're younger than they are and they think I'm not 20. So what happened in a nutshell.
    So what does this Zix look like ... Oh wait, lemme guess ... He's Iz's nobody? I'm none too found of drawing organization coats, but I'll do it if you can't think of anything else for him to wear. Just give me description of eye color, skin tone, and hair style for Zix and Lexi and I'll try my hand at doing it (Gonna warn you though, I've never done scene sketch. Plus will the scene be before or after he burns the glass open, Lexi?)
    Err ... Yeah. You do remember I have a DeviantART right? (Then again we haven't been in touch that much ^.^ I take it you want me to draw him? It might take some time. And I will be using Gimp 2 to color him in (Unless you want me to do it the old-fashioned way).
    Yeah sounds pretty serious. I don't know...it sounds like anything will say you have to accept it.
    ^.^' I take it your ankle injury happened due to being foolish (That or you mouthed-off to your mother), am I hot or cold on this one?
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