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  • I'm taking Art History, Algerbra and History mixed with World Religions. I did take a forth class, but I had to drop it due to my injury.
    Yeah, but the problem is I don't wanna go. I need to start listening to them, maybe then they wouldn't be on my case twenty-four seven, but it's hard. I'm usually one that gives into my impulsiveness and my attitude.
    Well, I've been talking to strange people on the bus. I almost got my mom, her boyfriend, and my sister in trouble when I decided to tell some strangers to call Child Protective Services on them while on the bus. They stopped by my soon-to-be-stepdad's shop and he told them the truth about me lying to them. I don't take care of myself properly. For instance, some guy at a bus stop grabbed my hand while I told him I don't know you and tried to pull it away. That's all I did. They worry about me. Oh, and I disobey them often. Those sorts of problems.
    A little rough. I might be going to a group home, because I have some behavior problems with my mom, her fiancee, and my sister.
    She's a golden retrieve, she was still a puppy at the time but I guess if she had stayed untill now I wouldve asked my grandparents to et her live there as shes gotten a bit big for my apartment lol
    YouTube - [sub]Birth by Sleep: Ventus meets Lea and Isa How do you load the actual video on here not without the link?[/sub]
    YouTube - Kid Snitches On Parents For Smoking Pot This is just outrageous! This eleven-year-old boy turned his own parents into the cops, because they were smoking pot. And, this kid and his sibling are now living with relatives. If you're parents were smoking pot, would you tell on them?
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