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  • I just talked to one of the guys and it worked out but still thanks for the help. But is there really a scholarship for your first kiss??
    You go to William and Mary? Wow! How did you feel that one year that they went all the way to the Final Four? o_O

    Sorry. I've taken a long time off as well, so it's all good. :p

    What were you for Halloween? I went as Riku from Kingdom Hearts II! xP
    Well... try to find enjoyment out of the little things in life. And appreciate every little thing. Maybe stop and smell the flowers once in a while. Life shouldn't seem so boring then.
    I'm so sorry about the late response, Jenn! -___-"

    I was in Florida on my IYC2010 youth convention. Sorry... ^___^"

    Thank you for replying to me.

    I take it that you DO mind regarding my other foot-related questions due to the fact that you didn't answer them in the last email, which is fine. It's just funny that you put "Ok" and then didn't answer them... xP

    I like that you are only a 5 on the girly scale. Every girl deserves their moments and shouldn't have to act a certain way all of the time. ^___^

    I like what you said about Roxas, but how could you choose Xion over the beautiful Namine? 0_0

    I understand what you are saying about her inner strength, which is cool and all, but the timing with her was ill because she was thought up at a time when people wanted to know more about Roxas' story within the Organization. Therefore, the timing of Xion's appearance in the series was very ill. They made her as a Mary Sue in my opinion and it distracted from what would have been a terrific story arch in the series. I wanted to know more about Axel and Saix's past friendship with one another (didn't get that). I wanted to know more about Axel's Somebody (didn't really get that).

    The game was still great but I think that it would have been better without this Xion character there.

    However, I do like how you brought up a positive about Xion in the game that not many seem to bring up about her; the fact that what she did was a sacrifice for someone that she knew absolutely nothing about. I think that if Nomura wasn't so bent on trying (and usually succeeding) to confuse his fans with these unnecessary plot twists and what not that Xion would have been a great addition to the series. They did not use her in the right way however and that is why she doesn't have as many fans as she could have had... ^___^"

    What do you think about what I said, Jenn? o_O

    How are you doing nowadays? o_O
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