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    Angel Beats (SPOILERS)

    I really love the anime Angel Beats, but something about the story confuses me. Why is it that Tenshi [SPOILER="has Otanashi's heart but was in the death-purgetory world before he was?"[/SPOILER] Can anyone explain that to me? Or at least come up with some good theories?
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    Darkness will become Light/ Light will fall into darkness

    Could this mean that Riku is going to become the light and Sora become evil or struggle with darkness? If so how would that happen? It could mean the future death of Kairi, that's really the only reason Sora would ever be tempted by darkness. What do you think?
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    What do you see when the demons come

    Diary of Dr. Roberts; Day 1, new patent There was a new girl walking back and forth in my waiting room, a rare happening in this small town. She didn't look like she was related to anyone in a hundred miles either. She was tall, thin and had hair so red it looked like it was on fire. I couldn't...
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    Edgar Allen Poe story club/Roleplay club

    I would like to start a club where we read stories by our favorite authors and then make up characters and tell it from their point of view. Then the club votes who chooses the next story (dosen't have the be EAP, can be anyone as long as it is reasonably short) based on their RP performance...
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    Someone switched the word Ba nana with gay
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    Major help please!

    I can't view the pictures in my albums and I still can't use the VM's. Can someone please take a look at this?
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    I'm going crazy!

    I started watching Texas chainsaw Massacure, and I started crying for Leatherface. FOR LEATHERFACE!!!!!!!! because of the self-mutilation and what he must have gone through to get to that point as a child, even with extreme mental defects. And when I was watching Scrubs I started laughing...
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    VM links not working

    The vm links aren't working, I can't talk to someone using vm anymore. It's annoying, please fix it.
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    Crazy and Insane characters

    Who are anime characters you find crazy and insane?
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    Scream 4 So people, who do you think will be the next killer? Remember think about the unexpected!! Here are my thoughts: Sidney: Let's face it in each Scream she gets a little crazier, she might just snap from everyone making a joke out of it. Plus...
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    caption the picture

    Just put what you think the person/animal would say in the picture What would the dog say?
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    What was she thinking? I have loved this song since it came out like 2 summers ago, but I've only watched the video recently, and it made me wonder... Would you be like the girl in the song? Would you be like "Hell Yeah!Let's go!" or would you be...
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    Let's play S.H.I.T.

    This game is called Sherlock Holmes In Trouble aka S.H.I.T. Hey there! I came up with a game where all you have to do is accuse the above person's avatar with something completely stupid based on some random aspect of the avatar. Example: Person 1's Avatar : Next person: Due to her smile...
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    Signature problems

    I can't put new images on my signature, But on a happier note, I'm happy that I can upload pictures and customize my profile again! (THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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    U.S girl forced into Pakistan marriage?

    Police Investigate California Girl's Claim She Was Forced Into Arranged Marriage in Pakistan - I would do the same thing if my parents thought they could do that to me.