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  • yeah, and then with aeriths inevitable end all cloud had left was tifa anyway, like him and aerith just werent meant to be, even though i didnt mind it
    haha not your fault

    yeah its always interesting to see others views on those things. i thought it was tifa the moment they discussed cloud and tifas whole childhood promise and everything
    Sure, but I would appreciate it if you answered my other questions first, if you don't mind... If you DO mind however, then, sure, will just start another topic.

    There is a person connected to those feet and there is a whole other person connected to my feet as well; me. xP

    So, sure. Let's start a new topic. ^___^

    How girly would you say that you are? o_O

    Which do you prefer; the Heartless, the Nobodies, or the Unversed? Please explain your answer.

    I prefer the Nobodies because they were so different from one another. Also, I would like to find out more about them. I love Namine as well and lastly, it's because they were not truly, purely evil. I'd like to think that they were just misunderstood. I wish that they didn't have to die... -___-

    Roxas > Sora
    Namine > Xion
    Riku, Axel, and Terra are all epic though! :p
    How much of my last message made you uncomfortable? o_O

    You don't have to answer the parts that you don't want to answer... ^___^"
    Hi again Jenn! ^___^

    I'm sorry about not replying in a while. My laptop's internet is not working and I'm using my mom's computer right now.

    Thank you for answering me. I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. ^___^"

    I have more questions for you if you don't mind...

    Do you have long toes? o_O

    Have you ever gotten a pedicure or a manicure? o_O

    Do you have any fetishes that you are aware of? o_O
    Hey I saw your close thread who does cloud love, and i wanted to post and disuss but as you can see-

    so anyway, in my opinion he loved tifa more just to get that out there
    Okay; YAYZ!! ^___^

    I'm also sorry for the late response... ^___^

    So, what color polish is on your toenails right now?

    How long are your toenails and/or fingernails, Jenn? o_O

    Do you like to show off your fingernails and/or toenails? o_O
    Hi Jenn! ^___^

    I'm sorry but I went to my grandparents' house for five days and khinsider.com didn't completely work well on their computer for some reason... ^___^"

    Anyway, we can talk now! ^___^

    Can I ask you about your nails if asking about feet creeps you out? o_O
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