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  • Best music videos In my opinon.

    YouTube - Kelly Clarkson - Never Again

    YouTube - Paramore: Ignorance [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    YouTube - Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder & Lead

    YouTube - Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats

    YouTube - The Band Perry - If I Die Young

    YouTube - Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

    YouTube - Lady Antebellum - I Run To You

    YouTube - Lady Antebellum - American Honey

    YouTube - Paramore: crushcrushcrush [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    YouTube - Gloriana - Wild At Heart (video)

    YouTube - Miranda Lambert - Kerosene
    I like when that happens, you research something for a project then you end up liking it. Oh yeah I forgot im Jose (Hoe-zay) im hispanic thats why it sounds weird.
    Thats good that you read a lot it makes you smarterer. What are you reading right now, as in your working on?
    The Series of Unfortunate Events, jk I dont really read cause I dont know whats good. What do you read?
    ATLA is the best.
    I like anything but I mostly listen to Rock, Paramore is good and Skillet is great, Linkin Park, Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, System of a Down, and more. My older cousin always watches Nick to hear her sing that Freak song.
    Ill try to watch it soon and I havent seen TLA but people say its bad but if you say its ok then it probably is. What kind of music you like?
    Yeah he was, you should definately watch those movies and Push is about these people with powers, I just saw it yesterday and the ending was good. No I havent seen it whats it about? Also everything except The Last Airbender.
    Idk its between The Dark Knight, Inception, Cloverfield or Push (Yeah their kinda nerdy).
    Oh sorry, I just asked a girl out about 2 weeks ago and she seemed like she liked me but when I asked her out she said she would let me know and then never brought it up again. So im kind of in the same place as you but with girls.
    Yeah thats a lot to keep in and I have felt like that about a girl before. But I guess just keep trying and you will find someone, its what I keep telling myself but I probably wouldnt have to if I was more talkative with the girls in my class instead of just doing the work the whole time.
    yeah that's okay the one i'm mainly working on is called KHi backstory of vanitias, tell me what's the name of your work
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