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  • Hello! I've seen you on here a few times. I'm Blade! Nice to meet ya. BTW, I like your avvy! It's cute! ^^
    Wow that's really crazy. Something similar almost happened here as well but he, I think it was Lancelot, immediately got banned because he was trying to erase files on the site too. No problem lol.
    Oh I see. Don't worry about it. There are people that may have used the rep system with very strange and sometimes unreasonable standards but it does occur. The mods can't entirely control the rep system because it's influenced by the community. Everyone has their own "unique" personalities/opinions and it really ranges despite how logical/illogical it may be. Anyone can rep/negative rep a user. Since you're having a rough start, I can green rep you whenever I have the chance.
    Hey flurryflames. I've noticed you've been having misunderstandings of spamming/double posting. Ahh sorry to hear that. What did you get red repped for exactly? Once you reach 1000 posts, you'll be able to delete your posts.
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