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  • Music always connects people...just don't ask me to sing...I'm terrible lol.

    Six people (including you) using one computer...ouch that has to be a mess.
    One good thing of working at home is that you can distribute your time yourself, even if it's only practice things one does.

    Just out of curiosity, where are you stuck in FF VII?
    I myself never played Legend of Dragoon, however I remember faintly it being an older PS 1-Game.
    Oh yeah, did you meet him/her over at your place in Florida or did you came over to Germany?

    It's not so much a question about "fun" but if it helps me earning money. I can use it also for practice my skills and if at the end stands a full job the better.

    Uhmm, yes, one is advised to be careful with wikis especially if there are few sources available. However as far as I know the wiki has a strict non-fanon policy. Of course this doesn't rule out errors by misinformed contributors, mistranslated pieces of japanese etc., however it can be used as a help and for supplementing other information sources.
    It should only never be used as the sole source, that's what I agree with...

    Uh what? Lol, the computer is yours but your parents and siblings are besieging it all the time? Oh my, you have my sympathy.
    About posting more its mostly afternoon an evening around here when I can do it. Messages on the wiki aren't typically that long and you're not always working on an article.
    However, the closer christmas comes the more time becomes available, because nearly everything calms down more the nearer the celebration comes. ;)
    Alright then. :D

    What's up...well, during the week RL keeps one quite busy at times with doing work-stuff for my possible future employer in home-office, and since I'm contributing to the KH-wiki too my online-time here is somewhat limited. ;)

    Also, due to me sitting in Europe I'm mostly 6 hours ahead of the time of many other members here who hail from Canada or the US.
    Hiya, just so we don't get a whack by a mod. ;)

    About my avatar, that's the "god"-form of my namesake Sephiroth, Safer Sephiroth (or Seraph Sephiroth), also known as the One-Winged-Angel and the final Boss of Final Fantasy VII.
    not quite, but it's gonna be hard; that's for sure. and my friend code for pokemon is 4641 5839 2099
    That's awesome, now u r gonna have to put your brain on the works if u want to beat them lol, As for pokemon, i already got my friend code, i'll give to u tomorrow.
    I may lose in pokemon, but I know I can make u cry on BBS, that's for sure lol. Well, I got platinum from my cousin, but actually spend money on pokemon soulsilver? the game hasnt interested me that much yet. I'd have to beat and like platinum first.
    Okay, I looked it up; u r not that far. Anyway so far GS dark dawn is really good.
    Pokemon platinum is kinda fun at times, but the plot is dumb.
    Yeah, just about. If you really want a good look you can just look it up on Mapquest like i did for you. But w/e.
    Not a clue. I know Jacksonville and Hollywood(not the film-making city) so u should be in between those, right?
    Cool, I'll send you mine when i actually get in the game lol. I live in en bay area. Tampa, Clearwater....ring any bells, r u close?
    There is no turning back now. U have to give me your friend code for pokemon so i can beat u(even though im new at it lol).

    Yeah, man, u r gonna like golden sun; trust me.
    good, is it a ds lite? if so u can get golden sun 1 and 2 for like 15 bucks...really cheap price for rrrrrreally aesome games.

    well i just started playing gs dark dawn, so idk ho good itll be, but i guarantee u thaat gs 1 and gs 2 have a great story and the battle system is awesome. u have pokemon? no way, i just borrowed platinum from my cousin. i started a new file like 2 days ago, i chose tthe monkey.
    Sorry to dissapoint you but....

    Golden Sun 1 and 2 : game boy advance
    Golden sun dark dawn: nintendo ds

    Even though its for GBA. It's a timeless game, like KH chain of memories. You own't regret playing it.
    Only a sequel to the best rpg ever made(not kidding) It goes like this:
    Golden Sun, Golden Sun 2 and after six long years...Golden Sun Dark Dawn in 3d. If u like RPGs, you should check it out.
    Not much other than the fact that i have Golden sun dark dawn on my hands.
    Kinda busy this past two weeks with college, cuz midterm is next week and I have to turn in every project and all that mumbo jumbo. I have been popping up in khi every now and then though. Yep, it's called a "5 min pop up" I check all my threads, mah profile, answer everything and log off...just like now, later, dude.
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