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  • Yeahhh that's very comforting. Where did u learn your pep talk skills?
    Anyway, weren't you playing on hard mode? Have u gotten to vanitas sentiment yet?
    A piece of advice, don't try to defeat vanita's sentiment on critical...god it is impossible to beat that guy. I tookhis hp to a half with terra...and that's as far as I've gotten lol
    nahh i could only wake up while i was hyperventilating
    Well, i'll just tell you this. I have done and collected pretty much everything with every character. The only thing i'm missing with Aqua is "second chance". I can't find the right melding combination for it(i love melding so, if you have nay questions, feel free to ask). I've beaten the mirage arena with all three of them, my advice: When you get to the "keepers of the arena" event. You'll have to fight Imprisoner III and IV. Use shotlock commands and two curagas with them, and you should be fine. As for Ven, you can use magnera+ faith, magnera +salvation and all of the rounds in the arena will fly by quickly.
    Yep, i'm almost done. I only have to beat vanita's sentiment,FM, and tie some loose ends; i'm on critical mode.
    well, you know. I have been here and there a little busy with college and all that. Glad to see somebody misses me lol
    Thought that I should tell you that I quoted you in my sig. A statement like that needs to get around so that people will learn not to care what others think. That is how people have the most fun, by throwing concerns of what others think out the window.
    That's true! Haha well I guess..... I translate interviews and game novels and stuff for Kingdom Hearts for HEARTSTATION.ORG and so I remember lots of random things. So I often know certain answers when people ask questions about that sort of thing.

    I was gonna preorder the special edition, but apparently it's all sold out in my country already, five days before it's even going to be released :c

    Lolll I'm not all that smart! I'm 19, study Japanese and Linguistics at university. I love to play video games but more than that I love to watch people play them. My brother and I have been like a team for a very long time; he plays, and I take care of planning the levelling up and maps and guides and notes and stuff. I like all sorts of games, except for sports and racing games which I think are boring to watch and play. My favourites are RPGs though. I love FF <3 How about you? :3
    Thats cool :)
    Your lucky cuz you get BBS on 7/09/2010 and i get it on the 9/09/2010 lol..
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