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  • Hmm, that's kind of a hard question, lol. Umm, probably the first thing that strikes me as having really a memorable ending, specifically, is Code Geass. But, I mean, there's a lot of series that I still remember the ending of, lol
    Oooooooh. Fullmetal Alchemist had a very satisfying ending. That is the first one off the top my head.

    I imagine if I thought harder I might come up with more.
    Uuuuh. Welcome to the NHK's first ending was the first one to come to mind.


    Then Hunter x Hunter's second ending

    Holy bejesus!

    I was very interested in the Nisekoi anime, I haven't read the manga in quite some time but hoped to get motivation again with the anime. Shaft now working on it with Shinbo at the helm. Oh my goodness I am ready for this.

    Good find.
    It was alright. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the last arc. The whole bit about the little girl assassin (who I found, frankly, a pretty boring character) and Iwai being connected was just pointless, and the whole idea of the Order Made Authors doesn't feel like it has any purpose other than to give the mandatory evil organization something to do. The whole thing with Kiri and Grayland was pretty good, though. And I still like Kiri and Iwai as characters.

    Thing is though, it ended I expected. By that, I mean it didn't end. The series just stopped, building to another season that will almost definitely never happen (a trend that I absolutely hate, by the way).
    Oh, also, I should probably mention something about A Girl by the Sea. The mangaka is Asano Inio, who totally doesn't shy away from subject matter. So, yeah, just as a warning, nsfw.
    The volume certainly ended differently than I imagined it would. I have no clue where it'll go from there though, lol

    It was interesting. I'll probably check out more chapters as they come out.

    Guess I should do a little give and take. Lately, I've been reading Boku dake ga Inai Machi, A Girl by the Sea, and Terra ForMars. The last of which just got updated with the most recent volume.
    I've heard of the series, seems to have a pretty decently sized fan following. I definitely need to check it out though, I've heard amazing things about it.
    Well, I don't really abide by the three episode rule, but as far as shows I'm still watching this season:

    Red Data Girl
    Crime Edge
    Majestic Prince
    Hataraku Maou-sama
    Aku no Hana
    Devil Survivor 2
    Oreimo S2
    Shingeki no Kyojin
    Azazel S2
    Valvrave (but only because i can't resist sunrise's shiny mechs)
    Tamako Market was enjoyable KyoAni fluff. Maoyuu, meanwhile, started off promising but kept on dawdling until it reached an unsatisfying "conclusion."

    The only shows I really enjoyed from the winter lineup were Chihayafuru's second season, Nekomonogatari Kuro, and Tamako Market.
    that seems interesting is it an anime or vita game?

    im alright been playing persona3fes on ps3 and that new Devil May Cry game.

    how about you? what are you up to now since your hardly here anymore?
    That I am. However, I live in Australia where it will likely come later, and I don't have a DS anymore. Etrian Odyssey was a quirky bit of fun while I had the various games on my flashcart, to be sure.
    i'm usually just in the mood to have fun watching some well-animated fluff

    tho i'm enjoying the characters more than i expected
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