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  • oh yeah I remember that lol, did you ever get caught? do you have insurance?
    thats whats up, i remember when i was little we would go to 6flags, ima get my liscence during spring break, i fact i just got done dropping my brother off at the sportsplex.
    Well I suppose such tests wouldn't be requkred for an acting school. So what are your spring break plans?
    I'm glad you thought it was easy, I marked C for every answer on my math exam, & still passed. Have you taken the ACT/SAT?
    Yeah well this week I don't have to get to school till 9:55. Well that's because I've passed all my graduation exams.

    & YOU WILL TO! *Gives Kye a dazzling smile & cliche thumbs ups*

    How was your day?
    Ok thanks, I appreciate your help, as of late, things have benn akward between us, bur their getting better, are you at school?
    DCMN! You won't havnt had a real convorsation in a while, it makes my heart hurt!
    Then get a job lol, I know we've been through this, but their has to be someone willing to hire you, or maybe try phoning yout daddy for some money.
    Lmao "Kye Grant would like to connect with you on Yahoo" it was sent o my hotmail accoumt, ualredynolilvon@hotmail.com (though I also have a Yahoo account, primarily used for FB)

    So what's up with you?
    Oh hey I saw your e-mail, I havnt gotten a chance to replay though because Android browser dosnt like hotmail, & I can't get on the computer latly. So do you use the yahoo messenger thingy often?
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    ^ Dissidia Final Fantas Yuna Vs. Jecht (its a pretty one sided fight but you get to see a lot of Yunas Aeons)

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    ^Vann & Gabranth go at it (also pretty one sided, Vann uses to more quickenings & I belive Gabranths EX Burst is made up of quickenings used by his brother)
    lol aint nothing wring with that... you know what I think id like to hear you sing the pokemon song, when we meet (if we meet) you have to sing it for me!
    O_0 youre scaring me, did something really good or unusually happen to you today< or are did you just have to much sugar?
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