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  • havnt been by here in a minute

    So me & my homeboy are working on a project in which the various art styles of Final fantasy have changed for better and worse, If its not to much trouble id like your opinion on Tidus:

    Obviously this is how the hero appears in Final Fantasy X

    and here is his design for Dissidia Final Fantasy.

    Assuming you have the time & are interested in helping me out Id like for you to examine his outfit & whether or note it fits his personality & if the design is appropriate obviously im incapable of judging this for i've yet to play X, note the differences, in the 2 designs, which one you prefer, & why

    If you are interested in helping me & able to do so its much appreciated! :)
    Lmao its a good thing I got your email adrress ; )

    You know I don't listen to her... ya listen to lupe fiasco?
    Nope sure havnt, who is the artist ?

    (Is looking reeeeeeeeal forward to hear Kyes story if it ever happens)
    So what you're saying is the man who ounce sneezed & Destroyed a galaxy would lose against a boy with an oversized Magical Key?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    I love how you don't back up your opinion AT ALL!!!

    Ok then Sora Vs. Superman, who would win?
    I think you're looking at it from the plots perspective, if you were to compare all of Aquas abilities & Soras abilities its quite obviouse who would come out on top, sure Sora has his drive forms & can dual wield but those are nothing compared to Aquas shotlocks, and ultimate fommands like megaflare or time splicer, even storywise Sora didn't always come out on top, it was mentioned that Sora would usually lose to Riku while back on the island whenever they had their lil competitons.
    nevermind read the thread, if you played BBS to its full poential then you would relize how hard Aqua would rape Sora :/
    who would win in a fight of sora vs aqua

    i personally am not giving a good argument because i have nothing to back it up but i dont car, I AM BIG BROTHER AND WHAT I SAY IS LAW
    *sigh* well im glad you're enjoying yourself personally i do my best to stay as far away from KH stuff as possible (ironic isnt it?!) what ya arguing bout?
    I have a really bad habit of asking ppl the same thing over & over again short term memory loss maybe? lol

    This arguument you're having isnt KH related is it?
    makeala..... ugh ok then do you need to PM me? Also My phone fell in the shower so, i won't be on as much as usuall...
    Day has been pretty good besides failing a math test, acing a math test, & failing a gov/econ test all in the same day, I'm good, been playing pokemon all day to, also I am semi afk ill have KHI on the phone, & totally forget about it till I get a txt or simply decide to whip it out (my phone that is lol)

    Sup with youg

    lol sucks to be the car you hit!

    So check this out: this sunday my red neckfriend (i live in Alabama so i have more redneck friends than id like lol) gave me a ride to gamestop cause I wanted the new Pokemon Black & White, Im broke as a joke so i take with me 14 games (10 PS3 games 4 Wii) I cant name them all but i had $132 dollars in games, i was fucking shocked because usually Gamestop is horribly when it comes to trade in credit So I got both Black & White & preordered & payed for Dissidia Duodecim.

    DCMN, you have to get Duodecim or im not gonna talk to you anymore!!!!!!

    You know you wanna play as Yuna, Jecht, Tidus, Vann, Gabranth, or any of the other Final Fantasy main characters or villians!
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