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  • Whoopsy daisy, noticed that I haven't answered you yet ... jeez, already 4 month, sorry for that x). How've you been? :)
    I know, it was so good. <3333
    LOL. I kinda agree. Simon is too adorable to die for Clary haha. It seems like Simon's gonna end up with Izzy now, since Daniel and Maia seem to be coming to terms with eachother now

    AND OMG AT THE ENDING. COULD SHE MAKE A BIGGER CLIFF HANGER??? I hate having to wait a year to read the next one.
    Oh well, what about the job hunt?

    Im getting recetified 2 weeks from now so i can continue working.
    Oh yeah we had hail, not nearly as big as yalls, but that shit came out of nowhere!

    Got any new games?
    Oh, I hope you passed!

    Also, If i suddenly go offline, thats because i was blown away by a tornado.

    Serioulsy the weather is really shitty, sirens going off TV/radio warnings etc...

    Also I seen you lurking the "fat ppl thread" I wanted to hear your opinion, but you didn't post :(
    Oh wow, IDK if he's an idiot or just a really good friend.

    How bout that math exam?
    That... is... hilarious!

    Thats why you never carry more than you can eat!

    How much he had on him?
    So whats up with you? & dont say "nothing" because we havnt talked in forever, & their is no way your life can be as shitty & uninteresting as mine right now!
    Yeah shes been in & out the hospital for the past few years, & the main thing keeping her alive was her will to see me & my cousin Sean graduate, It was only a month away from my graduation to.
    Ive no idea, probably when were finished sending out my graduation party invites, but thats all post poned because my aunt (mothers sister) died today...
    Tell me when you're done reading it. :DD I finished it in 2 days, loved it and can't wait to talk about it with someone<3
    Just cause I dont have a phone dosnt mean you get to completly ignore me! XD

    How are things?
    My sig. is full. The Fan club is up! If you can find the time please stop by for a visit!
    Woah, hey calm the fuck (i hate the fucking censors!) down! Its nothing important or too serious, you may not have given me the level of feedback i was looking for but you did help, thats all that matters.

    & I relly hope you arnt referring to those picture?!
    XD its good, maybe you can redeem yourself by doing Vaan for me. though his outfits arnt that different so i may not do HIm, (in FF Tactics A2 the only major difference a white collared shirt under his metallic vest) Though Vaan is suppose to be getting a brand new original outfit, for Duodecim depends on how different it is.

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