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    Lit ► Lord of the flies anyone??

    we have to read this book for english but i am already done and its really good. At first i though it was boring but i have come to like because of the contrast between light and dark and how close they are to each other like ralph and jack. so...
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    okay does anyone know where i can download kh bbs themes for psp?

    okay i recently got bbs and i want to download a theme for my psp but everytime i go to the official site off my psp all that comes up is store, member, and merchandise.. and i dont have a usb cord for my psp yet so i want to know can anyone give me a link to download bbs themes for psp
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    Lit ► Is I am number four a good book?

    love reading books like twilight, harry potter, the hunger games trilogy, mortal instruments series, and wanted to know is I am number four a good book to read? I ask because they are making a movie about it starring alex pettyfer(he is so hot)
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    Do people on this forum even like the kh series?

    I LOVE kh its my favorite game series and i thought that if i came on here other people would like it to but honestly almost all i hear is people bashing the game. Sure it has its faults but the website is called kingdom hearts insider so the main focus is kingdom hearts but all i see is people...
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    Favorite KH Voice Actor?

    mine is billy zane-ugh he mad me hate ansem whoever voiced marluxia haley joel osment duh and cute jesse mccartney
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    Who is your favorite organization 13 member?

    i dont know if this has been asked already but if it has then someone delete it but... mine are marluxia, i dont know why but i loved his voice actor and he was always so calm... axel because he was the rebel luxord-because he was like lets get this over with i have better thing to do demyx-...
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    i need help with the synthesis marked ????in free development?

    okay i am playing kh 2 again but i need help with the synthesis recipes marked ???? in free development... i got all of the treasures and beat all the worlds but it is still marked ???? how do i unlock them
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    Lit ► Did anybody hear read R.Ll stine goosebumps and fear street books when they were younger?

    if so whats ur favorite? mine was the saga's like the burning(the only one i can remember, fear street by the way)
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    Does anyone know any good 80s-90s pop songs

    because i love the 80s and 90s music and i want some more on my ipod so....
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    Do you think its okay for a boy to hit a girl if a girl hits him first?

    i know this is a stupid thread but me and my friend was having and argument about this... I personally agree(and have felt this way for a long time since i was young) that no one should be hitting anyone in a relationship even the girl, because i know if i was a boy and a girl hit me i would...
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    Who here listens to 80s music?

    because i love music from the 80s especially 80s pop songs like: sunglasses at night-corey hart take on me-aha self control-laura branigan everything she wants-wham dont dream its over-crowded house out of touch-hall and oats and more but those are my favorites, but what about u what are your...
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    Who is watching the vma's tommorow?

    i sure am because i am very much into pop culture. I cant wait to see drake preform and i cant wait to see which awards lady gaga will win...
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    kingdom hearts... AS A MOVIE!?

    I think NOT! so many people keep saying kingdom hearts will be great as a movie but i dont think so if it came out as a movie i would laugh so hard because the game is already soo over dramatic that it only works for a game but if it were a movie...EPIC FAIL
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    What are your favorite family guy moments?

    Mine was on the episode when lois started stealing and the family ran away to asian town and the trix commercial came on but they were in asian town so the rabbit and the kids were asian and the commercial went: kids: silly rabbit trix are for kids and the rabbit said: no you share! then he...
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    How long do you think it will take YOU to beat kingdom hearts bbs

    it will probably take me a couple of months to beat the game since i SUCK at beating games. but i dnt play kh for the gameplay but for the plot(its my favorite video game story line)but what about u?