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  • Thanks for the Latios! I appreciate it. That Natu was literally the first Pokemon I saw lol.
    My internet stopped working for a few hours but its back up. I am ready to trade. I can let you borrow Palkia but I only have one so I am sorry I cant let you keep it.
    haha, nice sign~

    And I can't believe how stupid i was. I was searching for the ffx thread in the Square Enix sub-section of Video games, whereas I should've just searched in the Final Fantasy Sub-section lmao!
    I definetly still want Latios. I am ready for a trade whenever you are. :)
    Oh and my friend code is 0303-9171-3830. Is there any certain Pokemon you want in return? I should be on for most of today.
    Yeah very true. I'll remember that. And I think I fixed everything up just fine. So I hope I get to join the fun now... although my posts will become somewhat infrequent in a few days due to returning to countryside for a few weeks.
    Yeah, I think I've made the template workable, if not I'll return after roll call in like ten to twenty minutes and finalize this new shinigami, I said screw fullbring. I actually wish I could bring an inner hollow or even Olividado into this to add more to his abilities feral wolf theme.
    I actually used the " m,arks but for some reason this stupid computer keeps reconfiguring everything into tags when I go to edit. But I geuss from now on when I edit it I'll delete the tags and retype the " XD thanks for looking out. Now I'm starting to feel like a super noob with like writers block. Kind of irritating because I wanna get into some of these RP's and I feel dumbfounded about half the things and just seem to make it worse
    ...are you being sarcastic? *glares*

    hahaha, but seriously, he's gonna get got. :p

    If you watch WWE, you would get it .-.
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