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  • Agreed. I am, when I get money, going to buy two pokemon games: either black or white and either HeartGold or SoulSilver. It will most likely be HeartGold since gold was my first pokemon game for a handheld <3

    Such poetic justice thar~
    Charmander will always have a special place in my heart <3 Old school pokemon>new school, anyday <3

    You should write apoem. that was quite poetic. ;D
    Blaziken and the other one was enough, huh? :p

    >< stop saying awesome stuff, not enough room in sig space D:
    I'd probably choose Tepig. I do likey me the pigs *pig snort*

    I can't help it if your words of logic are...well, logical xD
    Romney seems to be the best out of all of them, for me anyways. He actually has good things to say, and seems to be better than omama...i mean obama :p

    Which one is Mismagius? o.o
    A shame they don't. but still, obama isn't really the best president; he's too passive. Bush, while he was a monster and such, at least he wasn't a panzy.

    Oh nice team~ Kingler takes me back to Pokemon season 1 <3

    Well played, sir. Well played. :>
    more like not enough jobs :/ Obama making things worse >_>

    Name your team? *waits*

    HEY! who you calling weird? >:|
    I don't have the money ;-;. I neeeeed a job D:

    And beat my ass? pffft, more like i'll beat your ass >:D

    And nice avvy ;D
    Not since this time a year ago. but assuming she's not on khi, must mean she has a life..unlike the two of us. xD

    I did enjoy it..but it gone now :(. Girl Scout cookies? what are you? 12? :p
    Will do~

    Since we're talking about the past, you talk to rachel lately? /lolrandomness

    Not just a turkey club. a turkey club with ham, turkey, chicken, colby jack cheese, and a mint, rosemary mayo <3
    Inorite? I just need the money, and boom! ill be there ;D

    He's known as Lancelot, the site manager.

    That sounds sooo good ;~;
    I hope to meet him period. If I can get down to LA, I can see him every first Wednesday of every other month <3

    Yeah, he's been hanging out with Callum and others too much <,> I believe so.

    Oh? what kind? :eek:
    I actually prefer DBZ and Yu-Yu in english. Twas my childhood right therr~ C: Agreed, Johnny is one of the main reasons for Bleach's dub likeliness xD

    Ohhh, the one that Ty started, right? Oh man, how that guy has changed. xD He's became somewhat of a big d-bag. :<
    DBZ, Yu-Yu Hakusho, and FMA are the only anime's that have better dubs than subs, in my opinion. Bleach is good on some levels. Naruto is barable on some levels.

    To tell ya the truth, my first couple rps was an Original RP, and a Digimon Rp. xD what about you? Was is commish?
    Prefer Johnny Depp creepy version~

    Some subs are good. For naruto, subs are still horrible, but better than dub(on some cases).

    Wasn't in commish1, so Commish 2 is my favorite. The rp that really got me into a good state of writing was actually a KH rp that was run by Solereon, not sure if you know him, but he was one of my good friends from my early stages of the site..back whenRPG inferno was still around. xD, And yes, good times indeed~
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